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flop set , limp pot

1-2nl 200cap loose passive game
Hero neutral image, Villians are both loose bad limping about 65% of hands.
EP calls 2, LJ V1(200effective) calls, HJ(120 effective) V2 , co calls, and hero otb limps 44
flop14) Ah 7h 4d

V1 bets 7, V2 raises to 15, hero ? do you think raising looks too strong ? i don't think v2 has 2p, based on his raise sizing, seems to be a draw or tp . I thought about just clicking it back again to 25ish . what do you guys think?


  • StraightFloosh Posts: 8Subscriber
    The only hand that beats you here is 77 (AA is raising pre-flop, 77 is likely being limped a lot in a game like this), which is just a cooler. With a draw-heavy board, I think you should be raising and GII on any good turn card. For this reason, I think its best to raise more OTF to like 45-50. If the villain who started w/ 120 calls, I'm definitely GII on turn. The small raise OTF from V2 looks like an ace that should have raised preflop (scared money perhaps).
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