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Hammah vs the underbluffer

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,085Subscriber
edited December 2015 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Commerce 5/10 5-1500 buy in.

Had an interesting couple of hands against a guy I thought was decent but after playing with him for hours found out he is just BAAAAD.

Hand #1 Double paired board..

Tight player who will raise broadway and any pair raises from ep to standard 50 ov7er a straddle. 4 callers including me in sb I have 4 4 Hero has around $1700 and villain has me covered.

Flop is 3 3 8

checks to Villain and he bets $65.. this is just tiny!!! folds to me I decide to call. I have a plan to rep the 3 potentially or scare cards that might come out on a bad run-out.. I thought about raising but I wasnt sure if that would necessarily be as believable as a turn check raise or betting a scarier board.

Turn 5 I check he checks..

River 8 so the final board is 33858.. well I doubt my hand is good it could be but I decide to bet $200 just to be on the safe side. I think my line is completely believable for and 8 ..

villain tanks forever.. but calls.. has 57 os.. ok.. Turns out this guy likes to make these tiny bluffs but also is basically a calling station. Not sure if a check raise would have worked but hey..

Hand #2 Deja Vu'

This hand is like maybe an hour after hand 1. Hero has about $2000 in this hand Villain has lost some $$ and is around $1300.. I am in late mp and open to $35 with 9 8 I get 3 callers. $140 in the pot.

Flop 3 3 5 hmm.. seems a bit familiar.. checks to me I check and btn checks..

Turn 9 checks to me I bet $75 .. folds to villain who now raises to $175.. I think he is FOS.. who double checks to check raise a 3?? especially on a 9.. if it was any broadway card or an A sure.. I think he is likely to have a flush draw or some kind of draw and is just trying to get me to fold..

I call pretty quickly pot is now $470.. River 9 nice river!! ha ha.. so he checks and last time I bet $200 and he caught me bluffing .. but this time I am not going to let him off the hook that easy. So I bet $300.. I probably could have bet even more.. but I wanted a call. he tanks for over 2 minutes calls. and I am good.. he he.. he didnt show so I really dont know if he had a 3 or not.. as I said I think its more likely he was on a flush draw simply because he is NOT putting me on a 9 and if he had a 3 I think he would have value bet that on the river.. or he just thought I would try to bluff him again.. NOT..

So what do you think of the two hands? Do you think I could have bet say $400 on the river on the second hand? Even more??? Its been an adjustment getting used to the bigger sizing in 5/10 and want to make sure that even though these bets seem pretty big to me that they are..




  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Hand 1:
    Not sure the reason for the river bet with 44: value or bluff? Based on the action it seems like there is a pretty decent chance that your hand is good. If I bet at all, I would bet really small to try to get called by ace high. What better hands are you trying to bluff here ? The very first hand I played last night, I value cut myself when I bet tiny with 22 on the river (to get hero'd by ace high), but got called by 44. :)

    Hand 2: nice hand.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,085Subscriber
    I was bluffing for sure chili.. he could have a small pair like 66-77 and I bet to make sure I won the hand.. lol.. As far as sizing.. I am trying to be consistent with my bluffs and value bets in most spots to look the same.. ie a bit polarized.. Now if there is an obvious spot where villain is really strong or really weak then of course I will adjust to get called but here I was bluffing and wanted him to fold. Do you think the 44s in your hand would have called you had you turned your 2s into a bluff?? I am basically trying to use my image to bluff so many more rivers..

  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Well, that's kind of my point is that if I think my hand is best with 44 --- there are a lot more misses / air in his hand based on the action (cbet sizing, turn action) than pairs that beat you in my opinion --- I am going for an exploitative small sizing to get called by ace high. I think most 99+ hands are going to call often , but also are more unlikely to bet the river, giving us a free showdown (yes , we lose at showdown but I think we get called by many of the better hands he has).
  • maphacks Posts: 1,992Subscriber
    edited December 2015
    how can a player be tight if he raises broadway and any pair (from upfront?) .

    first hand: if I think the guy is decent I might go for some stupid ridicolous small sizing and snap call a raise.
    If he is a bad player I will do the same OR bet like you did but clearly for value not as a bluff. can't be good to target a range of say 3-5 (66-77) combos out of 150 or so.

    neither playertype will check an overpair OTT (or very rarely).

    hand2: seems good. I sometimes snapbet this for a big sizing and throw the chips into the middle very agressivly if I think it looks weaker
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