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Two River bet sizing spots (or check?)

2/5 $1300 effective. Villain is early 30's pretty solid, haven't played any meaningful pots against him in 2-3 hours of play.

Villain opens to $25 in MP hero calls CO with KxQs button also calls
Flop (Ks8s2x) Villain bets $45, hero calls button folds.
Turn (Kd) Mp Villain bets $75 hero calls.
4s Villain checks hero???
I was completely unsure how to size this and even considered a check but it was too weak. Ended up betting $90 but I couldn't really figure out an optimal size. Thoughts?

(Hand 2)

2/5 $1,000 effective. Villain (sb) is mid 40's on the tighter side once again no real history against him.

Hero opens Ks7s in CO to $20 sb and bb call.
Flop (10s6s9x) Hero bets $40 sb calls.
Turn (7d) hero bets $100, sb calls.
River (7c) sb checks hero???

Once again I am a little thrown off on how to size this or potentially check. I think it is unlikely he has a straight in this spot but being a little more of a passive player it is not out of the question. I thought for a while and ended up betting $130. Normally in the past this is a spot I always check turn, but i'm assuming with stack sizes betting turn is more profitable?

Thoughts on both these spots? Thanks


  • bballwiz Posts: 55Subscriber
    Any opinions?
  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    Hand 1 bet bigger on the river atleast 1600ish and fold to a raise. He can check Kx here since flush got in and want to go for max against that.

    Hand 2 I check back. Not too much value and can easily have a Straight
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