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River Full House In Limped Pot

$2-5 with $800 effective.

Early position limper is the villain in the hand. Super passive. 3 players limp, sb completes and I check my option in the BB with 4 4

Flop ($25) Q 4 6

Sb checks, I lead out for $15. It's super dry and I don't think betting bigger will get more value from anything other than a Q at this point.

Early limper calls without much thinking. Folds around. Heads up to the turn.

Turn ($55) 7

I bet $35. Villain calls again without hesitating. I'm leaning toward him having a range heavy in Qs here. I'm expecting a raise from 2p+ like 76 although he is very passive and not sure if he would peel the flop with middle pair. If he had a set of 6s I'd expect a raise here too because the board is getting wet and he saw me make a big bluff raise the night before with just a gut-shot on the flop.

River ($125) 6

I bet $65. I'm value targeting a Q here. A flush is unlikely because the Q is a spade.

He looks at my bet size. Asks how much, leans forward and raises to $240.



  • marseille Posts: 400Subscriber
    Call or min click it back if you think he has odd ball nut flush and would call. Need to fold if he comes over top even getting almost 5:1.
  • workinghard Posts: 1,565Subscriber
    Id raise an amount that nearly puts him all in. Btw, i think you an check this flop since top pair won't ofren change.
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