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KK 3-bet pot on monotone board 4-way

Late in the night, deep 1/2 game with some good players who play biggest game in the room.

V MP $400 TAG thinking player, who can makes moves
Hero CO $800 Have a fairly good image, probably TAG.

V opens $12, I 3bet to $36 with K K, BTN calls, SB calls, V calls

Flop $140. 3 7 9 Check, V fairly quickly bets out $100, leaving about $250 behind.



  • MrSpecial Posts: 330Subscriber
    Have you seen him bet out before and know what it stands for?

    In my games a donk bet lead on a 3flush board mostly stands for a 9 with a Kicker.
    Against the A with a non diamond 9 you have 48%. Because of the SB this could be a fold, but this is really depending on Vs donk leading range.

    Because of my experience in my games I would get this in under the following conditions:
    - the sb is very likely to fold
    - V has a high tendency to lead with draws
    - V isnt capable of donking with the nuts

    In this situation I would lean to a fold because I dont have any info on V and he is a good player and we at best are flipping, plus there is a player to act behind.

    With the K this seems like a standard ship.
  • MrSpecial Posts: 330Subscriber
    ALso make it a bit bigger pre against a 200bb deep opponent. 46 ish
  • boredoo Posts: 221Subscriber
    edited December 2015
    Villain is not opening preflop any hands with an A that pairs with this board on flop.
  • tensor0910 Posts: 123Subscriber
    Agreed. With Ax diamond you're about flipping. With overpair that you beat and 1 diamond you're ahead decentmy, but would V lead out on a board so drawy w/o at least Ad?

    Fold, rack up and leave. The game is trash now anyways.
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