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what's my river play when villain revealed his hand early

MatthewTagliaferri Posts: 18Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
1-2 game in Cleveland Horseshoe. I limp behind 3 limpers on the button with QTo. Small blind raises to 12 and the entire field calls, so I call also.

Flop is T64 rainbow. All players check to me, I bet 30 into 60, only the original raiser calls. He is a straightforward, poor player, obviously not experienced in playing in a casino.

Turn is a low card like a 2 or 3. There is a big delay as we wait for him to act, but he doesn't realize it's his turn. Finally he checks. I check also (unable to put this straight forward player on a hand that he would raise preflop over multiple limpers and them check-call a dry board. I'm lost)

The river brings a queen, giving me two pair. No flush possible. Villain, this time realizing its his turn to act first, says "I check", and then immediately flips over his cards! He has AKo, no pair. The dealer looks at me and says "your turn to act, you can do whatever you want".

So what's my play? Do I bet some tiny amount that A high might call, or do I bet large and look like I'm trying to buy the pot?

Also, do you bet turn or check (pot was big b/c it went 5 way to a $12 raise)


  • StopHammertimeStopHammertime Posts: 81Member
    I'd probably play the flop and turn the same way you did.

    Now on the river, this is interesting. You always want to bet an amount, based on your opponent's range, that you think they will call. Well now you have perfect information!

    Betting a large amount seems wrong to me, because it's highly unlikely he's going to call with just an ace. He's betting on you having no pair if he does that. It's easier for him to make that call when your bet is small.

    The amount to bet is interesting to consider. $40 is small relative to the pot, but it seems to be a large nominal amount to live players. $30 is also small relative to the pot, but it's the same bet you made on the flop, and that always looks suspicious to people. $20 is pretty small, and smaller than your flop bet, which also seems suspicious. In other words, there's a balance to be struck here: you have to bet an amount that is a small NOMINAL amount so that the person doesn't mind calling it, but it has to be a large enough amount relative to the size of the pot so that the bet seems credible.

    Then again, maybe credibility isn't what you want in your bet here. I think the weight should be on concerns over the nominal size he's willing to call, rather than relative pot size, so $20 seems like a good bet.

    This is a unique live situation, where maybe you can try to change the manner in which you bet. It's not something I've practiced or rehearsed, since it's so odd, but you could conceivably behave in a way that looks like you're trying to steal it. That is, there's more to your bet than just the size of it. Most people will see right through that, though.

    How is your table image? I would almost never get called here, but I have a friend who is constantly talking and joking and doing silly stuff like saying he called out of the blinds without seeing his hand, and he might be able to bet twice as much as me and still get called more than twice as often.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    so when villain check calls you can also put on a range of pairs under top pair on the board. so 99-77s etc. you should also inlude something like wheel draws w ace suited too. these hand would call the flop and most likely the turn too. not a big bet in turn but you can bet something. now when he exposes his hand I would bet big and make it look like i am trying to steal the pot from him. his calling range is actually polarized so you have nothing to lose if he was planning in folding anyways.

    bet bigger than the pot but dont slam your chips just make it obvious you saw his hand. Wink these players love bluff catching

  • GlennJones Posts: 172Subscriber
    I think I take a bet bet bet line on this hand. When only the OR calls the flop bet, I pretty much discount any straight draws that might have called pre (53, 75, etc.). Since in my mind, the straight draws are pretty much out of the picture, the turn card doesn't really change anything, so I definitely bet/fold turn for value.

    As far as river, I agree with Thehammah. Bet and give the "I dare you to call me" staredown.
  • TJ Posts: 239Subscriber
    Turn: Bet fold
    River: "AK, huh? OK, I bet $50"
  • TDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
    Don't limp PF, don't call PF, bet flop bigger, bet turn. River is irrelevant.
  • UntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
    I think I would probably just pretend to ignore the fact that I saw his hand and bet the same amount I would have bet if I couldn't see what he had
  • staaaaalin Posts: 42Member
    TDF said

    Don't limp PF, don't call PF, bet flop bigger, bet turn. River is irrelevant.
    All of this.

    Also, this is an excellent opportunity to squeeze against people for whom $50 is a lot of money.
    If SB is as described he is never 4-betting w/o KK+, and calling to play fit or fold w/ AK.

    Even if his entire range were KK+,AK, by squeezing we lose $50 12/28 of the time (= $-21.43) and win ($50+$38) with a frequency of (42/48*41/47*40/46*16/28 = 37.9%) (= $+33.38)
  • whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    I am also limping behind on the button under the right circumstances, and I don't see what's wrong with it, But we had this debate before...

    As played, I am betting the river somewhat big to make it look bluffy. If he only plays his own cards, he's not calling no matter what sizing, so your only chance is that he is trying to interpret your line.
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