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Should this line be used for value or as a bluff?

Hero has a TAG but slightly spewy image. 4bet more than fair share so far in session and just bet 3 streets and folded to a river C/R a couple hands ago.

2/5 stack sizes deep enough to not be relevant the way the hand played out
Hero limps UTG with XX
Good player (villain) UTG+1 raises to $25
2 more callers in position
1 caller in blinds

Flop 7h 4d 4h
Checks through

Turn Kc
Checks through

River Ac
Checks to villain who bets $60
Folded to hero who raises to $350

I'm trying to decide whether this is a good line for value or as a bluff or perhaps both
If you're villain and a thinking player, how would you react to this C/R? Calling range?


  • FreeLunch Posts: 1,308Pro
    Value only. You sound like you have way more than a "slightly" spewy image for a $5 game. This is exactly the kind of spot trappy villains will try to get guys like you into. Even if he was leading river with weak made hand he wants to get a little value from - the whole point of your image is he is less likely to fold weak made hands in this kind of spot.
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