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Turn Shove Correct?

Hero Image: 25 year old white male. Have had a bumpy session. Made 1 incorrect lay down where i folded a set on a 4 card straight board to a check/raise river bluff. (different villain) Just grinded my stack back to even before this hand.

Villain 1: Mid 30s white male. Player seems full of himself. Every time he isnt in a hand, he complains that he folded the best hand and tells the winner of each hand "I would have had you beat with XX, you are lucky I folded" Seems competant, but has not been good at extracting value from opponents. Always says he bets large so he doesnt get sucked out on, but gets the hands he would other wise get value from, to fold. Currently is sitting with 1200 after winning a flush over flush hand.

Villain 2: Mid 40s Middle Eastern Male. Plays straight forward. Doesn't seem to stand out much.

On to the Hand.....

Hero is in the SB with QJ clubs (500 effective).

UTG limps (1200 Stack) , UTG +1 (350 stack) limps, MP Limps, I complete the SB (Is a raise better? I would assume so, but I was not thinking as I should), BB checks.

Flop: 6 10 Q Pot 25

I lead out 20. BB folds, UTG Calls, UTG +1 Calls, MP Folds

Turn J ( Pot 85)

I lead out 45, UTG Raises to 120. UTG +1 thinks for awhile and flat calls. I put UTG+1 on the nut Diamond draw, and I put UTG on a pair with a straight and a Spade flush draw. LIke 910s, j10s, Q10s, etc.

Here is where I was confused. I had 435 before making a move. If I flat, ill have 315 in a 445 pot, which I thought was OK. But what is the point of calling? Am I calling to Check/Fold the river to any spade, any diamond, and any card that could complete the straight? Am I losing value from the draws if my reads are correct? I also thought, If I shove, it is putting another 315 on top which gives me some fold equity to actually get some of these draws to fold. Is folding here too weak? I do not think either one has a set because I think I would have heard from them on the flop. By shoving its 315 to call to win 640 for Villain 1, giving him basically 2:1 odds... which is the correct odds to call if he does have a 15 out draw. I will reveal what I did and how the hand played out after I get feed back. Thoughts on correct turn play?



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