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2/2 Turned 2pair very deep

MrSpecial Posts: 330Subscriber
edited December 2015 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/2, Hero has godlike image, sitting on 900.

Villain 1 sits on 600 after getting a full payout with a set, in another pot before he was caught three barrel bluffing but just mucked his hand at showdown before the other person showed. Seems competent and from what he was saying is playing higher on other nights.

V2 is constant small stack and complaining all night about his bad luck. Calling station. Stack 102.

Mississippi straddle, Blinds fold, V raises to 12, 2 calls, Hero has 4 5 and calls in CO, BTN calls.

FLop (62)
A 5 J
Checked through.

Turn (62)
A 5 J 4
V1 bets 32, fold, V2 calls, Hero raises to 96 (thoughts please).
V1 thinks about it for 2 minutes, says out loud: "You have 45?!!", seems very very torn, then calls. V2 instafolds.

RIver (286)
A 5 J 4 3
V1 thinks for 45secs and checks, Hero?
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