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Sticky Spot with KK 3 way

$2/$4 a loose passive game. It is folded to me and I open to $17 with K K . the button calls (he has around $2000 stack) and the small blind calls (an Indian lady with stack of $230) and BB folds. Effective stack is $230. so 3 way to the flop
Flop ($55)= T 7 3
SB checks, I bet $35, button calls and SB calls. Still 3 way.
Turn ($160)= 8
I know if it was heads up I should have still bet/fold the turn since there are still many hands that I could charge on the turn. but what do you think about the calling range of 2 players? flush draw on the flop could be much more in the range of 2 players. Anyway, considering the awkward stack size of SB (she has $178 at this point), I decided to bet $75 with the intention of bet/folding. Button folds and SB calls again!
River ($310)= 2
she thinks a bit and goes all in for $103. I am getting 4 to 1 (I should be good 20% of the time). but am I good after her calling the flop and turn and now leading the river?

1) how do you like my turn play? (should I check the turn since 2 players called me on the flop and flush got there on the turn?)
2) what is the river play after getting 4 to 1?


  • boredoo Posts: 221Subscriber
    edited December 2015
    I think you can check call turn and lead rivers when it checks through.

    My experience is that a pair vs an open river shove from a passive bad player beats one pair more than 20% of time unless that player is tilting, especially when a straight and flush are on board. Ask yourself, Is she ever open shipping there with QQ or worse? I doubt it...

    Check call shove is probably standard line with flush (or weird straight) there from a bad player. You can fold without losing much if any EV.

  • AlexB Posts: 160Subscriber
    I would call here, if she had a flush she'd probably go all in on the turn unless it was the nut flush. I've seen people make this play with hands like AT, QT, or even busted draws. Possibly even 89, not wanting to call all in, since it looks like you would be betting all in if checked to
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