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(General) learning PLO

stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
The casino closest to me, Horseshoe Cincinnati, has decent NL action but the PLO action is huge. Its know as one of the best places in the country to find consistent, high stakes PLO action and the low stakes action is great too from what i've heard. My question is should i consider learning this game. I've in no way master NL but I'm at a comfortable place for the 1/2 and 2/5 games i play and think i would enjoy learning a new game. My questions are, how long does it take to learn PLO so that you can beat games such as 1/2 and 5/5 PLO. Also how do win rates compare. I know PLO variance is much higher but is that made up for in a higher win rate? Also in terms of BR how many buy-ins is required. I don't need my poker money or roll in anyway to live my life so ill take risked but also don't want to go bust after 2 sessions.


  • FreeLunch Posts: 1,309Pro
    The $2 game there is really soft. If you are rolled for it then I think you should try to learn the game. Learning new games always is a good idea as each new game helps your overall understanding of the poker. Yes the variance means a higher win rate for the best players but you should expect some nasty swings.
  • firespitter Posts: 243Subscriber
    Yes, you should learn to play the best game in the house...
    I get really tired of discussions of variance and bankroll management, but I think you can essentially double your bankroll requirements as compared to an NL game of same stakes. So if you think you need 20k to play 2/5 NL 1000max, then maybe you need 40k for 5/5 1000max plo. Obviously adjust for personal considerations.

    To get started be very selective about preflop selection. A lot of the "variance" of this game comes from playing hands that are easily dominated... One hand I had TT97 on T73... $150ish in the pot with 3 players and I end up getting it in for 2k with another player. Straights and flushes come in so I think I've lost, but Villian turns over 3322... So he got in something like 13x pot on the flop with 4% equity... How often does that happen in NL? He would probably go bemoan his luck to his friends but he set himself up for this situation. There is some easy money in this game...

  • AJoff Posts: 546Subscriber
    Aesah has a beginner plo guide on 2+2. It's basically a short stacking strategy, but it will let you get your feet wet without a negative expectation.
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