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How would you adjust to AZ $500 max bet game?

UntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
In AZ, true no limit isn't legal, so they have these spread limit games to simulate NLH

In 3/5, it's almost exactly the same game as regular 2/5 or 5/5, because its $300-$1000 buyin, max bet $500
You rarely get into spots when you have to bet more than $500 at a time
The most annoying thing about the 3/5 is that only 4 bets are allowed on each street, so you can't 5-bet pre-flop. I like those pre-flop raising wars, so sometimes it gets in the way of that. The 4 bets per street thing is the only other main difference between this spread limit game and NL.

But for the 5/10 game, when people buy in for $2k, the max bet is still $500
That screws up regular betting in 3bet pots (you'll often be betting bigger than $500 by the river)
And obviously, it screws up the 3-bet 4-bet 5-bet wars even more than it does in 3/5
And you lose the concept of stack leverage when you bet an amount on the turn to threaten a river shove
Or when the pot just gets bloated on earlier streets due to flop or turn raises, you can't bet an amount that would be appropriate for the large pot size on the river

So what would you do different to adjust for this type of game?


  • staaaaalin Posts: 42Member
    Adjust the same as you would to shorter stacks, i.e. drop smaller suited or connected stuff and focus on SD value--K8o>>>74s.
    In EP you shouldn't be playing these hands much anyway, but I would loosen up my starting requirements a tiny bit (w/ focus on SD hands).
    Also I would increase my open sizes to exploit the fact that people will still be calling raises IP with those types of hands.
    I might start opening a bit smaller from LP since a lot of my weaker holdings will be giving up to resistance rather than continuing in implied-odds situations.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    First off I would pretty much never play the 5/10 if you like to leverage your stack. I also think and important adjustment is to pretty much NEVER check a street unless villain has 500 or less.

    I think limping would also be good if you can get away with it.. Raising with value hands is more important as you deny villains the right implied odds to call.

  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    cut down bluffing / semi-bluffing frequencies on later streets as people will (should) be calling down a bit lighter. slightly alter your orientation towards value and away from leveraging stacks with bluffs. there are still some implied odds, but i wouldn't be playing hands like 74s or K8o ever anyway. but start thinking about folding small pairs in early position -- especially if there are aggressive players in late position and/or short stack players in late position.

    the game might play somewhere in between true NL and limit holdem. several years ago, i played the 10-150 spread limit at Casino Arizona and the later streets were like limit: bet 150, raise 300, raise 450, call; check, bet 150, call. it won't be as extreme in a $500 max bet game, but like you said, there won't be the ability to threaten stacks with a big river bet.

    i would probably take wendy's advice here though, and stick to the 5/5 blinds game. a closer approximation to the game you are used to playing.
  • UntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
    There are few truly good regs (I wouldn't be so arrogant and say none) at the casino, so when the 5/10 runs, it's usually a pretty good game.

    And no, I usually don't play 74s or K8o anyway unless it's a button or CO with tight button steal

    I almost feel like I would rather buy in for 100BB than 200BB in this kind of game so it doesn't get into weird spots where I would be betting more but can't

    And might even 3bet less so the sizing on each street still plays like what I'm used to

    I agree with cutting down on bluffing in certain spots because there will be less leverage later. I can still barrel, but large elaborate bluff won't work if you're only betting $500 on the river. But big bluffs in the right spot are so much fun :D
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