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4/18/13 Article- raise smaller preflop

edog Posts: 43Member
edited November -1 in Crush Live Poker Articles
Can we balance raising smaller with our value hands by also raising smaller when isolation raising a wide range in late position in an attempt to get one of the blinds to call with trash?

I would think being the preflop raiser with position against one limper and a caller from the blinds, as opposed to heads-up, is still going to be plus EV, but in a bigger pot?


  • TDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
    Raise size should depend on your frequency of raising. If you're playing tight PF then you should raise bigger cause you're not giving away strength of your hand by doing so - observant players already know that your raising range is strong. If you raising very often, then your range is weak and has a lot of "bluffing" hands in it, so it's important to raise smaller to get better price on your bluffs. Also size naturally depends on table position - as my raising range becomes wider and wider going from UTG to button, my raise size becomes smaller and smaller. It has nothing to do with tightness of the table. But when table is tight I raise a lot so my size goes down.
    And one more point - when you're having trouble getting paid with your big hands it's better to forget about it and just make your money by bluffing people.
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