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2-5 Bluff Raise Probably River Blocker Bet

$750 effective.
I open K Q UTG 1 to $20 and get called by a nitty woman who plays passively w/o top pair+ post flop and the BB who is new to the table and bought in for $1,000.

Flop ($60) J 8 5

BB checks, I bet $40, nitty woman folds, BB calls.

Turn ($140) 2 BB checks, I check it back. Bad barrel card against a Jack. I could be ahead of 76 and some hands he is peeling light on the flop but I decided to take a free card.

River ($140) 4 BB leads for $55.

Would anyone consider bluff-raising this bet? It looks like either a weak Jack or some type of hand he doesn't want to check-call with because of the flop. He didn't take too long with the bet and the sizing is giving me the vibe he is blocking with some medium strength hand....


  • baudib1 Posts: 218Subscriber
    Just fold. With a relevant blocker this might be a play you can make against someone you know can value bet thin on this river but you're going to run into a straight or flush too often especially when you have the hand you have.
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