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Crush Live Call-ins No. 71: "Aces through Queens"

BartBart Posts: 6,077AdministratorLeadPro
This week Bart takes seven hands dealing with a range of topics, most having to do with AK, AQ and QQ.


  • workinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    Call 1
    5 card "dramaha" hi/lo. 2/3 pot Big O, 1/3 5 card draw, 1/3 omaha hi
    2/5 2100 effective home game
    vil straddles btn for $25
    hero has A2224 double suited
    hero pots, btn re pots. shove or call for a flop? Bart would stand pat and shove

    As played, hero called. flop JT7cc (hero has 4hi club draw) with BD nut low
    hero ch, btn pot, heor pot. hero got rid of Ace to draw. Heor drew a 7. T paried on turn. Hero potted and vil called.
    river 6. Hero scooped with 2 pair (big o) and trips for 5 card draw
    Bart would have shoveled as there is nothing to draw to to improve his hand

    Call 2 Dan Singer
    effective $700 2/5
    hero MP. one limp, hero raise to $25 A K. btn laggy calls, BB calls, limper calls

    flop $100 Q 3 2
    all check flop
    Turn $100 7
    ch to hero, bet $50, btn calls
    River $200, 6
    BART doesn't think he is going to get vil to fold a better hand. Hero checks, vil bets $125. Hero call? There are a couple combos of K x that vil could be bluffing. Bart would fold. As played, hero folded and vil had K x for a missed K hi flush draw

    Call 3 Raj
    2/5 MDL
    vil TAG , $1300 eff
    Hero SB, good image
    btn limp, hero A 7 calls, BB raise to $30, btn and SB call
    BART agrees with calling. BART might fold against good competition or occasionally 3 bet but rarely.

    flop $90 K 9 7 all check
    BART likes to drive semi bluffs with FD + pair. BART may CR the hand.
    Turn $90 7 hero bets $55, BB calls, btn calls
    River $255 5 hero bet $160, BB raises all in, btn folds, Hero?
    BART says that vil doesn't have a bluff. so therefore, vil has hero beat. hero called and vil had KK.

    Call 4 Z

    5/5 hero has A K $600 effective
    vil on hero's right, raising a lot
    vil limps, hero $25, LP calls, vil calls
    flop $75 K 9 3
    vil ch, hero bet $70, lady fold, vil calls

    Turn $215 7
    vil bets $155
    BART expects that if hero calls, vil will chekc a lot of rivers and hero can bet large on the river. However, if vil has a FD, hero looses value. BART prefers calling. If hero shoves, vil might make a hero fold with a weaker K.
    As played, hero called.
    River blank. $530, vil check,
    BART says he could bet tiny to induce but not a move BART would likely do it. BART would prefer to bet large all in or close to all in.
    As played, Hero bet $210 vil called and hero won. BART thinks he played it fine but could have bet a little bigger on the river.

    BART emphasizes that every hand is different so can't compare V betting river this hand to the QQ hand the caller played earlier.

    Call 5 Norman
    New table, $800 effective, 2/5
    utg opens $25, utg +1 raises to $50 (was laughing but got series suddenly), hero SB Q Q. raise, call, fold?
    BART thinks the second raise is indicative of AQ/AK. BART would 4-bet to $135 and fold to a 5 bet. On an Ahi or Khi flop, BART would usually check-call at least once. K-hi is not as scary as Khi.
    As played, her just called $50.

    Flop $150 6 5 4 checks to utg+1, bets $150, hero folds. BART would not fold. 4 betting with QQ "cleans up" UTGs equity. BART would call flop and turn. BART is a little concerned about the UTG guy since his range is wide. On a scary turn, eg an 8, BART would call a small bet but fold to another large bet. Calling a small bet would often lead to a checked thru river.

    Call 6 John from Maryland live
    hero cutoff K Q $1000 effective with btn and ep limper
    EP limps, hero raises K Q in CO to $25, btn calls, blind and limper calls
    Flop $100 K 4 2
    ch to hero, hero bet $60, BART likes the smaller bet size since hero covers the board,
    btn and limper calls

    Turn $280 6 ch to hero, BART would bet small around $100. Hero bet $200 (BART thinks that too large unless players are call happy with mid Kings), btn goes all in, limper folds (long time to fold)
    BART goes into combonatrics. There are no made hands that hero is doing well against. He thinks hero has 15-25% equity much more often vs the few times that he is way ahead a FD with pair with 65% equity. Hero folded and vil showed 53o

    Call 6 Anthony
    "2/5 did i level myself into a bad play"
    Horseshoe Casino Baltimore, I have been at the table for about two hours. 4 regs rest unknowns table playing pretty straight forward.

    V1 (750) An Asian guy that has lost a few hands recently open to 20 from early position, V2 (1150, hero covers), calls from the HJ. I make it 60 on the BTN with A♥ Q♣, they both call.

    Flop: A♠ 3♣ 7♠ (165)

    Checks to hero, bet's $85, V1 takes some time and callsV2 after staring intently at the board and V1 makes it 260
    BART would bet around $100-115. BART doesn't think anyone is ever CRing a worse Ace esp with this being a 3bet hand pre.

    As played, hero raises the flop to $640, V1 folds, V2 calls.
    Turn $1400 Ts and V2 goes all in. hero calls. vil has A 4

    BART feels caller is miscaterorizing the player as a reg/pro. BART does not like how this hand was played by V2 in this hand. BART feels that a better play if the caller feels that the vils are taking "pot shots" is to call the flop and letter vil barell off again. BART is not very concered about V1's range including FDs since combo wise there are a lot of non-FD hands in his opening range. BART says the "disaster" is getting the worse Ace to fold and getting the V2 to fold his bluffs. As it happened, V1 had ATo

    Looking at the board, I put V1 on a draw and I then turn my attention to V2 who has raised us both. I don't believe that he has called the 3bet with 3's or 7's AND then checked them to me on such a wet board. These guys are all about value and having it checked through with a set is something that they would never allow to happen with a value hand including suited aces that have flopped two pair, and I don't think that he is calling pre even closing the action with those hands. Not many combos left anyway. I am confident that he is squeezing because the Ace is the flush card so none of us can have the nut flush draw because V1 would have had to open Kx♠♠, or I would have had to have raised both of them with same.

    I believe that I have the best hand, but I also believe that V1 will be getting a very good price should I flat, so I raise to 640 for value and equity protection.

    V1 takes a good bit of time and folds and V2 now looks confused. V1's time to fold strengthens my draw read. I am now sure that I have the best hand and V2 thought that his raise would end the hand.

    And then he flats.

    We now go to the turn with the pot now at 1445 and he has 425 left which he insta jams when the 10♠ hits the turn.

    Board: A♠ 3♣ 7♠ 10♠

    425 to win 1870 I make the call, river is a blank he reluctantly shows A♦ 4♦.

    Feel like the money was going in after the flat call no matter what so not really concerned about the turn play. Did I play the flop too aggressively?

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