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$2-$5, Do You Fold nut flush here my friend?

nariman44nariman44 Posts: 96Subscriber
edited February 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
facts about villain:
1- I saw him open with suited cards (J 7) from middle position when it was folded to him.
2- He played his nut flush draw aggressively in position by raising the flop and moving all-in on the turn against a shorter stack.
3- I also saw him stab the turn when it was check around on the flop and turn.

It is folded to villain and he opens $15 from high jack. Hero has $2000 and villain covers. hero calls with A 8 on the button. blinds both call. it is 4 way.
Flop ($60)= K J 5 (rainbow)
every body checks.
Turn ($60)= 5
Hero now has nut flush draw. blinds both check again and villain bets $30. Hero thought villain could be stabbing and raises to $105. blinds both fold. villain tanks for almost a long time and calls. (I thought he could not have flush draw as he would have called faster. I also had 2 clubs so the chance of him having flush draw is a bit smaller).
River ($270)= 3
villain checks rather quickly. hero bets $115.
now villain tanks and makes a speech: "are my queens good? You have K9 suited? you want to exploit me?" and after that announces "RAISE" and makes it $375!

my question: is he overplaying a worse flush or he has a slow played turned full house or even quad 5s?

Hero: call? or fold?


  • carru036 Posts: 173Subscriber
    First I think calling the turn may be superior, if he is stabbing you have A high so why are you raising? For value?

    Lets say he flopped a set, why on earth would he not bet when 2 people check to him? I know fish do weird things but this should discount some of the likelihood of full boats. I probably call this river because we're getting 2:1 and I think there is a good chance he does this with worse flushes, less likely he has a boat, and might do this with A5.

    One thing that may not be a huge consideration is that when someone starts talking a lot it usually means they are comfortable and have a very strong hand. This would make me lean towards folding. Close spot but I think its still a call.
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