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Does gambling take other forms in everday life?

charby58 Posts: 11Subscriber
edited February 2016 in Low Content Forum
Hi folks,

I am doing a short film as part of my anthropology degree and I was originally going to do something on poker but I am thinking of extending it to gambling in general. My question that I want to ask and hope to find an answer in doing this short film is: Does gambling take other forms in everyday life...perhaps unwittingly?

Any inputs and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



  • nickdevo1 Posts: 163Subscriber
    there are many situations in life where we deal with making decisions, and moves, with incomplete information. I recently was "bluffed" by a lawyer that was hired to say that I wouldn't be getting my severance pay because "I know what I did". when I called him on it, and told him he had to spell it out for me, the company folded and paid in full. I used my poker sense to test this guys "flop bet".
    or are you talking about gambling like choosing investments? buying insurance? installing a generator? not calling a girl back until 3 days has past?
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Driving a car
    Having kids
    Buying squares in a super bowl pool
    Hiring a guy with an enthusiastic attitude but not much relevant experience
    Assuming it will arrive when sending a letter via the post office
    Hoping that you'll have enough gas to get to Stateline as you pass Baker
    Going raw dog just this once
    Making an online purchase

    Yeah, I'd say gambling factors into everyday life.
  • gusthefish Posts: 21Subscriber
    Gambling is a raw form of taking a risk for a potential reward. If the risk doesn't exist or the reward is guaranteed then it is not gambling. The amount of risk weighed against the value of the potential reward is what determines whether or not it is a good bet or a bad bet.

    As Chilidog said above driving a car is a gamble. It usually gets you somewhere faster than walking (reward) but you may get in a car accident, or lose time in a traffic jam (risk). Most of the time it is a gamble that pays off but when you run bad at driving it can be fatal.

    You are risking something, time+money, for the reward of an Anthropology degree from a university. You probably weighed how much that gamble would cost you versus the value of that reward. That is a gamble. If you ran bad (or played bad) at college you would flunk out and lose all that you have risked in the form of time, money and possibly reputation as well as have considerably less chance at the value of the reward in the form of future employment, pride of accomplishment or whatever else you view as the reward.

    Poker is a gambling game that we play because it is one of the few (read only) gambling games that is beatable, that is, it is not rigged in the favor of the house and can be played for a monetary profit as well as other less tangible rewards. People play other gambling games because they view the potential rewards as worth the risk. Those rewards would include entertainment, adrenaline, casino comps, ego enhancement and for some degenerates even the pain of losing is worth what they pay.

    So yes gambling takes all sorts of forms in life besides gambling games. Anytime you risk something for a potential reward you are gambling. Sometimes long shots pay off but most of the time its better to have the odds in your favor.
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