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Top Two 200bb deep facing AI shove - DIYDDIYD?

kessma Posts: 12Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Game was 5-handed, played at €1/€2 in Germany at a PokerTek table and half an hour before Casino closed (4am)

Villain was 20y old internet player, seemed to be best player at the table. LAG but loosend up as game got more shorthanded. No reads other than he seemed far better than the average opponent at 1/2 live games.

Since this was played at an electronic table, you have 30 seconds for your decision. The question is basically what his range is made of.

Damned if you do (call), damned if you don't (call)?

* SB <!---->SB (200.0)
* BB <!---->BB (200.0)
* UTG <!---->Villain (415.0)
* C/O <!---->CO (400.0)
* HERO is (btn) (415.0)

Playing 1.0/2.0
PRE-FLOP : Hero is BTN with Ts9c
UTG [Villain] Raises to 10.0, C/O [CO] Calls 10.00, HERO Calls 10.00, 2 folds

FLOP : ( 33) Tc9d4c(2 players)
Villain:$405, CO:$390, Hero:$405

UTG [Villain] Bets 20.0, C/O [CO] Raises to 65.0, HERO Calls 65.00, UTG [Villain] 3Bets to 405.0 (all-in), 1 fold, HERO ??


  • snap getting it in here. what are you afraid of really? 44 and that's it. you've got like AKcc, AQcc pretty crushed. get it in! also, when you smooth call the 65 it looks a lot like a draw (could be a big hand too obviously and it is) so villain could def be shoving overpairs as well
  • TDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
    I don't like call preflop. And I don't like call of 65 OTF. I would 3 bet OTF cause there are so many action killing cards can come OTT. Never fold postflop.
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