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Turning top pair into bluff 5 way OTR - spew or +ev play?

kessma Posts: 12Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I was pretty sure that on the River I do not have the winning hand when shown down so decided to take a stab at this allthough it was 5way.

Zoran is a big fishy calling station, have never seen him check/raise
Zuleyka is a very straightforward tight female player, not horrible
Roza and Barbi are your typical female players, very passive and bad

* C/O Barbi (150.0)
* BTN alberto C (200.0)
* SB Zoran I (200.0)
* BB Zuleyka (200.0)
* UTG Timothy (200.0)
* EP Roza (200.0)
* MP Vito D (200.0)
* LMP Jeffrey (200.0)
* HERO is (hj) (200.0)
Playing 1.0/2.0
PRE-FLOP : Hero is HJ with Qhttp://www.deucescracked.com/images/diamond.png Thttp://www.deucescracked.com/images/spade.png
1 fold, EP [Roza] Calls 2.00, 2 folds, HERO Calls 2.00, C/O [Barbi] Calls 2.00, 1 fold, SB [Zoran I] Calls 1.00, BB [Zuleyka] checks
FLOP : ( 10) Qhttp://www.deucescracked.com/images/spade.png 9http://www.deucescracked.com/images/spade.png 8http://www.deucescracked.com/images/club.png (5 players)
SB [Zoran I] checks , BB [Zuleyka] checks , EP [Roza] Bets 7.0, HERO Raises to 21.0, C/O [Barbi] Calls 21.00, SB [Zoran I] Calls 21.00, BB [Zuleyka] Calls 21.00, EP [Roza] Calls 14.00
TURN : ( 115) 5http://www.deucescracked.com/images/diamond.png (5 players)
Barbi:$127, Zoran I:$175, Zuleyka:$177, Roza:$177, Hero:$177
SB [Zoran I] checks , BB [Zuleyka] checks , EP [Roza] checks , HERO checks , C/O [Barbi] Bets 20.0, SB [Zoran I] Calls 20.00, BB [Zuleyka] Calls 20.00, EP [Roza] Calls 20.00, HERO Calls 20.00
RIVER : ( 215) 3http://www.deucescracked.com/images/club.png (2 players)
Barbi:$107, Zoran I:$155, Zuleyka:$157, Roza:$157, Hero:$157
SB [Zoran I] checks , BB [Zuleyka] checks , EP [Roza] checks , HERO Bets 125.0, C/O [Barbi] Calls 107, 3 folds
C/O (Barbi) shows [color=default]8s 3s (Two pair 8's and 3's) and wins 279.0
HJ (Hero) shows Qd Ts (One pair of Q's)


  • PokerIsFrustrating Posts: 657Member
    Is this online or do you have some kind of converter?

    Why are we overlimping the HJ with QTo? I'd probably rather iso raise than allow limpers behind me and give the blinds a free shot. I guess if the game is super bad it's ok - I'd just rather overlimp when I have the button (or maybe the CO).

    If these guys are as horrible as it seems (you raise the flop and get 3 cold calls) then we probably don't want to be bluffing much at all in this kind of game. Just take them straight to value town.

    With a hand like QTo you dont' want multiway action. If they're this bad, you can iso-raise the limpers and probably get value from 1 pair hands since they're playing basically ATC. You can also cbet vs a shorter field and win a ton.

    As played - I don't really like the check/call turn donk/shove river line. If you think they're super weak on the turn you might as well get the money in there. If you think the flat calls show weakness, why not just check/jam the turn? The 3 is a total brick - if they're calling AQ on the turn they're calling AQ on the river IMO. If they have a big draw they're calling turn but not calling river. I seriously doubt anyone check/calls $20 into $115 with JT or 76 or something.
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