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Funny Situation

JCW Posts: 591Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
At Hollywood Park.

Villain ($500) used to be great for a game. He still is when tilting. But over the years he has become tougher. He seems to have just gone on tilt.

Hero ($500) playing TAG but the Villain doesn't know it. So my image is LAG.

A couple of limps (including Villain)
LP Hero opens for $25 with JT.
All fold but Villain.

Pot ($65)

Flop: Qd J 9d

Villain checks.
I think this is a spot where he could have hit the board better than me. Lot of draws and combo that he could c/r me. I decide to check.

Turn: T
Villain bets out $170 in a splashy way. Over x3 pot.
Hero tanks wondering what he would do this with.

Villain says, "Fold I have a pair and a draw".
Hero, "Really?"
Villain, "Yeah". When he said the Yeah I thought he was telling the truth.
Hero, "Well I have that beat. All-in".

Villain thinks for a moment and then calls.

River is a brick. I show. He folds.

I thought it was a funny hand.
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