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3 quick flop min raise OOP hands - your thoughts?

PokerIsFrustrating Posts: 657Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Bart talked a lot about min raises on the flop being TPish hands. I had 3 hands in 1 session where I got min raised OOP - wondering how you'd play these situations.

All hands $2/5 NL $500 max buyin

Villain ($500) Fishy older guy. Sat down ~20 minutes ago but seems kind of stationy. Don't know if he can fold. Probably never slowplays this board, and probably doesn't raise draws but who knows?
Hero ($1000) Bad image. Frequently raised but had to give up or cbets got raised etc. Maybe people think I'm FOS, not sure.

Hero (MP) 10c 10d opens to $25
Villain (button) calls
Blinds fold

Flop: 10h 7s 5s
Hero bets $45, villain raises to $110, hero?

Min raises on wet boards are often TP, but I block AT. Is he really raise/folding JJ or QQ? Txss is also possible. Is this just a shove back? Click back etc?

Same villain as hand 1 ($750). This hand happened after hand 1. Villain actually snap folded hand 1 to a raise and claimed he had AT. I didn't show. He's shown to be spewy - he's 3b JJ, AK and thrown out bets, but folded his misses without showing to significant action. If he has a hand he thinks is good he doesn't like to fold though.
Hero ($1000) image is like a 2 or 3.

UTG limps, Hero raises in MP to $25 with AcJc, Villain calls in the SB, BB calls, UTG calls

Flop: 7c 3s 3h
Checks to hero, hero bets $65, Villain check raises to $135, others fold

Pretty much similar to hand 1 but the board is super dry. Given that he folded before, maybe he's more likely to look me up. Also the pot has got bloated so I don't know if he'll give it up. Can I call and try to rep an overcard? Fold? It's possible here I guess that he could have trip 3's or A7 that have me killed also.

Villain ($1000) 40's russian guy. Regular. He seems to be ok. Decently aggro preflop - he 3b's a fair amount of the time. I haven't seen him play really aggro post, but he's not a nit by any stretch.
Hero ($1000) just sat down (different game than the previous hands). Image is pretty neutral

Hero (MP1) opens to $20 with Jc Jd, Villain calls OTB, blinds fold

Flop: Ts 4s 5s
Hero bets $30, villain raises to $70, hero calls

Turn: Ts 4s 5s Qc
Hero checks, villain bets $90, hero calls?

River: Ts 4s 5s Qc Qd
Hero checks? Leads for maybe $150?

Is this flop a bet/3b? The min raise could easily be a hand like the As or maybe like QsTc. He was somewhat unknown and I wanted to see what he did on the turn. On the turn, I think when he bets small he probably has some kind of hand he either wants to protect or maybe has a pair and a spade. On the river, I could basically check/fold and expect him to check back worse. Or I could lead and hope to get looked up by a ten since my line looks FOS.

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