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stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
Taking a break from live since I only have a few weeks left in my semester. It just takes too much time.

However, I have been playing a little bit on bovada and was wondering if anyone else here plays significant amount on there. I'm playing mostly 50 and 100NL Zone right now, which I like. Games seem to be pretty soft and you can play totally exploitively due to the anonymous tables. i've played a few tourneys which also seem soft but nothing more than a few min-cashes. I was wondering if anyone plays higher there? 1/2 Zone seems to run at peak times but barely besides that. However, most week days it seems like there is at least 1 or 2 5/10+ games going. Has anyone played in the 2/5 and bigger games there and know if the games are any good?


  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    I have played alot on bovada. The NL are super nitty trappy just like on the east coast. Games are not that good imho on avg. You can get a game that has a big fish but not often.

    I dont use bovada to make money. I use it to learn. they used to have a stud 8 game and I tought myself along with input from Dave T and another friend. I am doing the same currently with PLO.

    its a great way to learn as it is much cheaper than trying live and you can get so many more hands in. Furthermore when you dont want to play live its a great way to get a poker fix without all the schlepping..

  • eyehaityou Posts: 294Member
    My hourly at low stakes zone on weekends is far beyond anything I can do in any larger ring game including 30/60 flo8 in a small sample size. My best is a 3200bb run in two days single tabling. 10/.25 on my phone using the tactics you describe. I imagine if someone with your skillset applied themselves they could run up a decent bankroll. The rest of the week I rarely bother to play, it seems significantly tougher.
  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    I mean I think I can beat the 100NL zone games pretty well and averaging 400-500 hands an hour I think I can grind out a pretty decent hourly.
  • eyehaityou Posts: 294Member
    I was just saying that in my limited experience that the lower stakes zone games on weekends are by far the easiest and most profitable for me. I rarely even play holdem live, (maybe 10hrs ytd) but the larger stakes seem so much tougher in comparison, I don't even play them. I'd expect your results to be infinitely better than mine, hell I'd appreciate it if you didn't play 10/.25 and played bigger. I doubt anyone doing well in these games close to full time is going to mention it here however.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,546Subscriber
    I play $100 and $200 NL.... I have found about 3 regs at my level over the last 2 years... one is my friend. I beat it pretty handily. But it took a lot of work to understand the players.

    Some tables are very nitty, some full of OMCs. Plays very easy coast like. You just have to adapt.

    I personally like it. No stored data HUDs, just notes. It means the better you are the better you will do. I find normal regs gain a huge advantage when they have 100k hands on you. They see your stats and can make proper mathematical adjustments vs your play. I know the software is so advanced now that it tells you where players are weak.
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