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can anyone find a fold here

rinkers2003 Posts: 85Member
edited April 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/5 NL
H: mid 20's just moved to this new table about 10 minutes prior
V: Older gentelman, prob around mid 50's and he's the only guy at the table I don't recognize and have never played with before. I just witnessed a hand where he raised pre then c-bet on a K, Q, 3 rainbow flop, got raised and then 4-bet all in and his opponent folded and showed a K.
V has $600, H covers
V raises to $20 in MP folds around to H on the button who calls with 3 4
Flop ($45) 8 5 2 V checks, H bets $30 V calls
Turn ($105) Q V checks, H checks
River ($105) A V bets $50, H thinks for a bit and raises to $165, V snap shoves all in for $375 on top.

Does V just have to have a flush here? The line makes sense as he just check calls the flop then bets out river and 4 bets all in. If he has an overpair you would think he bets out on the flop and if he has AK or AQ would he really 4 bet on the river.


  • dontfeedthenits Posts: 396Subscriber
    edited April 2016
    ah gross. Yeah I think I could find a fold there unless I know he has a strong tendency to overplay.

    What does he shove w that you beat? For many Vs the answer is nothing. :)

  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    Yea I think this is a pretty standard fold. I just don't see people 3 betting river here without a flush
  • charby58 Posts: 11Subscriber
    I played against this type of player last Sat and he would almost always raise on the flop, turn or river everytime he had top pair with any kicker really unless the board got scary. The way you describe this V, I am thinking he hit top pair with Ah-8x and check called the flop instead of raising just in case you hit the flush knowing that he has a redraw to the nut flush. Since on the turn it goes check-check, unless he is playing it tricky, he most likely does not have a flopped flush and by not betting you have tipped your hand in that you don't have a flush either. The river is an A which would have given him two pair and decided to go crazy with it knowing that he blocks the nut flush.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,821AdministratorLeadPro
    Hmm.. I find a fold here as well. I just rarely see a 3 bet on the river as a bluff at this level especially if he hit a pair like an ace at the end. I seriously doubt he is overplaying anything that you beat. Bart
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