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2/5 overpair vs wet board

cbtobe Posts: 53Subscriber
edited April 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
550 effective. Hero in CO with K K . Villain is MP1 limp calls. Flop Q 6 4s Villain checks. Hero bets $55. Villain calls. (pot 185). Turn 5 villain checks. Hero bets $140. Pot is now $325. ($300 remaining in stack). Villain goes all in.

Note: Villain has been very active, loose and has pointed out how tight I have been playing. He does not seem to care about the money in this game - I think he plays bigger games when available.

His range is very wide. Possible holdings Possibly a suited Q, but more skewed toward draws.
6 7 A 6 6 :h:5 any 78suited. any set other than QQ. Possibly even a weak Q? He is definitely the action player at this table.
Find a call here?


  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    In the future try to lay out the hand history a little cleaner its a little difficult to read.

    AP based on the description of this player I lean towards calling but its close. Against loose guys that don't care about money you can't make a habit of folding overpairs but who knows. Tough spot for sure
  • cbtobe Posts: 53Subscriber
    Ok. Thank you. He had 2 3
  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    cbtobe said:
    Ok. Thank you. He had 2 3
    Yea I just think a guy like this is gonna have a lot of stuff like that, pair plus draws, and Qx he is going with. I mean if he calls that on the flop he is pretty wide here and he probably has a ton of hands like JTss J9ss.
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