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Bart's WSOP Package for 2016

BartBart Posts: 5,926AdministratorLeadPro
I will be once again offering a no mark-up WSOP package to CLP subscribers only for this year. In 2015 I returned 9.7% and definitely had a couple of shots to run deep. The details of the package and how it will be handled are in the first 10 minutes of the podcast here:


Here is the link to YouStakes beta site and my package. http://bit.ly/1Vk1rbo

This page is private and can only be viewed through this link. You will have to register with the site if you want to buy a piece. Once registered click Stake Player and type Bart in search bar and hit enter. This site is in Beta, so there may be some small bugs and functionality issues.

YouStake normally charges a 5% fee, but for this package there is no fee and no markup. Also you have the ability to pay by credit card if you choose to. This year I am not handling any of the money this being done entirely through YouStake.

Same as last year it will be impossible for me to play all of these events so everyone will receive some sort of refund based upon events not played. This year we have set the min piece at .25% and the max piece at 3%, for now.

You can email me with any questions regarding the poker side of this at bart@crushlivepoker.com. However, for tech support, payment questions and anything other than poker related questions please email YouStake support at contact@youstake.com.


  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,086Subscriber
    feeling a bit flush thanks to a nice tax refund.. 3% booked!!! :wink:
  • imagine7 Posts: 10Subscriber
    Hello Wendy,
    I can't get around the 5% fee on Youstake, it charges it no matter what i do. Did you have to pay it?

    Thank you,

  • BartBart Posts: 5,926AdministratorLeadPro
    No you don't have to pay it. If you follow the instructions above there should not be a fee. If you can't get it to work..please email them at the above address, tell them you are CLP sub.

  • imagine7 Posts: 10Subscriber
    My bad, it's not the Youstake processing fees i was getting but the Paypal merchant fees.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,926AdministratorLeadPro
    imagine7 said:
    My bad, it's not the Youstake processing fees i was getting but the Paypal merchant fees.
    Choose friends or family option if you are sending $$ by PayPal or if credit card you can go directly through YouStake at 2.9% which may beat the PayPal credit card fee.
  • GusFritschie Posts: 102Subscriber
    It seems like Youstake is charging the paypal processing fee, must be because they are a merchant (see below this is on the youstake page). How do we not pay that? It is in the charge before even login to paypal and when you do it has the charge added and don't see how to remove it. What am I missing?

    Reason for Charge Amount (USD)
    Bart Hanson | 2016 World Series of Poker | Multiple (58) Events $1,350
    Promotional Site Processing Fee (0.00%) $0
    PayPal Merchant Fee $41
    Total Due: $1,391
  • GusFritschie Posts: 102Subscriber
    I hit next and it charged me the $41 thought I would have option to send to friends or family.......
  • GonzoPokerGonzoPoker Posts: 38Subscriber
    I tried following the instructions and I got clipped with the $41 PayPal fee also who should I contact and how will I go about getting a refund if at all possible thank you gonzo poker
  • BartBart Posts: 5,926AdministratorLeadPro
    Gus and Gonzo an you please email contact@youstake.com and report back here? That is part of this Beta process testing the support infrastructure. Looks like you were charged 2.9%, did you pay via Paypal cash or did you use a credit card on Paypal. If you are funding your account via credit card you are always going to be charged a fee by Paypal.
  • imagine7 Posts: 10Subscriber
    i had to pay the fee too, that's just how the website is set up right now. If you choose to pay with with credit card, they force you to use "pay with Paypal" and then they tell you to choose credit card later in the transaction, but they never give you the opportunity to do so later on and before you know it you have paid the paypal fee.
  • YouStakeScott Posts: 6Member
    Hello all, Scott from YouStake here. Since we are a business, PayPal, if used through our site, is recognized as a Merchant so they will always take the 2.9%+.30 and we can't stop it. BUT, what you can do is choose either "Pay Venmo" or "Pay via Transfer" at checkout, then login to PayPal directly and "Send Money" via "Friend & Family" and there will be no service charge. A few of the folks have already done that on Bart's package with no PP service fee. Hope this help. Any questions, you can reach me directly at scott@youstake.com
  • GusFritschie Posts: 102Subscriber
    Would have been nice to know that as I just wasted $41. I won't be using youstake again.....
  • YouStakeScott Posts: 6Member
    Gus, as Bart mentioned, no fees on his package, so if you used a method that charged a fee I can easily reverse. I just refunded the total amount. now you can login to Paypal and sent Friends and Family to payments@youstake.com. We will update the wording on the PayPal tab to direct this better.
  • GusFritschie Posts: 102Subscriber
    Thanks for the refund. I selected PayPal it is linked to my bank account not cc, but I never had an opportunity to chose friend or family. I will look into it again tomorrow. Do I just log into paypal and not the youstake site? Because I never had the chance otherwise from youstake?
  • YouStakeScott Posts: 6Member
    Yes, what sucks about PayPal is if you link on a site they automatically label you as Merchant and and cannot send Friends and Family from the site. So you need to log directly into the PayPal site and send F&F from there.
  • GoTTTTTa Posts: 10Subscriber
    @Scott - I took 3% and chose Venmo but Venmo's max is $2999 per week. I transferred $2952 for now leaving $1100 balance. How should I handle? I will shoot you an email as well but wanted everyone here aware of the limit.
  • YouStakeScott Posts: 6Member
    Thanks. For all others, Venmo (owned by PayPal if did not know) set a $2999 limit per week on everyone. They have a policy of "if want more than that then pay the processing fee." So, what we did here with with GoTTTTT is do the Max with Venmo and then the rest with PP F&F so no fees all around.
  • GonzoPokerGonzoPoker Posts: 38Subscriber
    I did what do you stake tech-support said to do and they refunded the $41 and I used friends and family and they said they received 1350 but I'm not sure if I locked up my 1% piece of Bart package for 2016 WSOP so if you know Bart leave me a message thank you for all your time and support gonzo poker
  • BartBart Posts: 5,926AdministratorLeadPro


    I can see on the back end they have you listed as paid. You may want to email them and get a confirmation about your Stake.

  • rdh010rdh010 Posts: 35Subscriber
    1% sent using Venmo. Super easy, fast response from YouStake finance confirming receipt. GL Bart! Hope to cross paths at the Rio this summer.

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