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Crush Live Poker Video No.241: High Stakes Poker Psychology

Craig Posts: 706Administrator
Check out Alec Torelli's latest video featuring in depth hand analysis, live tells, poker psychology and using intricate history to make effective decisions.

Episode posts at 11 AM PST.



  • Amur Posts: 17Subscriber
    Hi Alec, thanks a lot for a great video ! Your videos just gets better and better ! The only thing I'd like you to review more hands in the video. Good luck to you ! I hope to see moooore of your videos here and on your site.
  • hobe Posts: 209Subscriber
    Hey Alec, great video once again. One question I had is when you said it's a good spot to over bet when your opponents range is weak and yours is strong whether you have it or not.

    Why do we like doing this with good hands? Other than for balance is that the main reason why we do this ? I play mostly 2/5, 5/10 where people aren't really payig attention to balance but I'd like to incorporate some over betting I just don't know when is correct. Thanks
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