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2/5 bottom set vs two villians

Ifold2Chex Posts: 67Subscriber
edited April 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Alright so the two villains in this hand Are both pretty bad. **I'm on my phone so hopefully typos aren't too bad**

Villian 1 -($1500) He's in for 4k. This guy can have any two cards. He's just been giving money away.

Villian 2 - ($800) is a bit different. He's been over playing big pocket pairs. Getting it in in spots that he's clearly beat.

Hero ($1500) a I've been playing solid all night. I havnt gone to show down much but when I have I've gotten full value for mediocre hands and some really big hands. Started with $500. Been at this table for 3 hours. It's a great table.

Hero gets 22 utg limo.

Villian 1 utg+1 makes it $25

Villian two mid pos calls

Button calls

Hero calls

Pot ($125)

Flop 2 5 Q rainbow

Hero bets out $70 utg

Villians 1 and 2 call

Pot ($335)

Turn 10

Hero checks (I'm going for a check raise bc I know 100% that v1 is betting)

V1 bets out $140

V2 thinks about 20 seconds and reraises to $400


What are your thoughts here? V2 has about $300 left.


  • OnmybeatOnmybeat Posts: 10Subscriber
    Re-raising here likely gets V1 out of the hand which would be bad. I would call hoping V1 calls and Lead river on a non club, A or 9. If V1 folds when you call, I'm leading river no matter what.
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