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2/2 Good river bluff ?

Lammy Posts: 8Subscriber
edited April 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/2 Good river bluff ?
400€ effective. 2 limpers, mp2 raises to 18€. He is a solid player. Haven't seen him get out of line. I'm right next to him with AQo. I call. Blinds and limpers fold. Flop: Q:d: T:d: 4:s:
Villain checks, I check behind. Turn: J:s: Villain bets 30 in 44. I think he's strong, 2pair, ,maybe set Jacks or Tens, but not the front door diamond draw.
I decided to call and try to take the pot away on the river if a diamond comes. River: 6:d. Villain bets 42 in 104 and i make it 120€. Is this a good spot to bluff against a player I think can fold a strong hand. And what about the turn ? Would you call in that spot ?
Please give me feedback.
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