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Prolly worst check of all time..

hobe Posts: 209Subscriber
edited April 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hero opens 3♠3♥ in mp, huge whale in BB

V seems like to be a good reg, don't have any reads but a lot of people talk about him but unsure how good/bad he is.

Hero great winning image. 3k in fRont, 1200 eff with V

V (SB) and BB call.

Flop 60- 9♦7♦3♣ hero bets 45, V calls.

Turn 8♣- hero bets 90 v calls. (Way too small looking at it now ?)

River Q♦ hero?

This is obv a clear VB but I just didn't think this V could call us with worst on this river ? Should we just still be betting no matter what ?

I expected him to call with his entire range on flop to keep the whale in.


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