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Value in tracking sessions won/lost rate?

irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 383Subscriber
Subject line sums it up. Wondering if there is any value in tracking the percentage of sessions you win? If so, what do you feel a good session win rate is & what is a good sample size?
I feel there is certainly value in it but not as much as in hourly win rate. Do you track it & what value do you find in it? Thanks


  • DrSpace Posts: 716Subscriber
    edited April 2016
    Not really. Track results and standard deviation. Its one long game if done right.
  • sxz18 Posts: 345Member
    edited April 2016
    I think there is value if you add comments to why you think you won or lost a particular session. Simple example: say you are a winning player but find that you are winning 4/10 sessions. That would be peculiar wouldn't it?

    Now you dig in and find that the 4 sessions you won, there were specific players or fish in the game. The other 6 sessions were against a different player pool that you felt like you had an edge against. Further analysis would indicate that perhaps your edge isn't as big as you thought over the second player pool. Maybe you are actually a break even or marginally losing player against them. In that case, you should try to play as much as possible when the first player pool is in action.
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