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$0.50/1 Home Game, AA Last Hand of the Night

Hi! This is my first post on these forums, so please correct me if I'm not including the right information. I've tagged this 1/1, since we don't seem to have a .50/1 tag yet.

This is a local $.50/$1 NL home game. I've been playing with the core players in this group for maybe 3 years. It's a fun game, where people drink, including myself. I had been very active the whole night, raising maybe 20-30% of hands (8-handed) and overall running well. I had built up an initial buy in of $100 to a little over $400. 1-2 hands before this hand, I had lost $100 in a large 3-way pot, folding on the turn.

This is the last hand of the night, after about a 5 hour session. I'm dealt A A on the button. We are 6 or 7 handed now. Two players limp. I open to $5. This I think in retrospect is too small, given the "last hand" dynamics. I don't want to bet so big that everyone folds, but especially given my active image, I think I can raise to maybe $8-10 and still get 1-2 callers. Anyhow, everyone calls, including the blinds, and we take the flop 5 handed with $25 in the pot.

Pot $25
Flop K T 4

It checks around to me. I continue for $20. 4 folds. Limper #2 calls to my right. He has about $100 behind. He's a decent player, that I've played with maybe 10 times in the past. He's fairly TAG-y. Tight but not a nit.

Pot $65
Turn 9

Limper now leads for $30. I think I have to call here. He can obviously have me beat, but in my experience calling flop and donking turn is not often a monster hand. But the board just got even wetter, so he could be betting to protect his hand here, fearing I'd check back sometimes. His bet for protection range I think includes some hands that beat me, and some I'm ahead of. I didn't consider raising at the time. Is there any merit to shoving at this point? I called the $30.

Pot $125
River 2

I called the turn with the intention of probably calling off a river shove on a blank, and possibly folding if a third diamond came, or maybe a Q or J. Surprisingly, the limper now checks.

I'll leave it there for now before I discuss my thoughts. Obviously my choices are check behind or go for semi-thin value. If I do go for value, should I just shove, or size it smaller to eek out a call from a pair that's not top pair?



  • boredoo Posts: 223Subscriber
    edited April 2016
    I think it's hard to interpret the turn donk until you see what he does on the river. Not sure it's weak. A good player can realize that you betting into 5 people on the flop means you have a strong hand, and most likely an overpair or top pair type hand. So a $30 bet will always get called and sets up a ~1/2 pot river shove which will be hard to fold.

    The flip side is that on the river, he's set up for an easy shove with any value hand. So his check is weak. All straights shove. Sets are only afraid of JQ and will probably shove. I think you're really only worried about weird two-pair type hands which get cold feet on the river. I think most decent players are shoving K9, KT, and T9 since they block sets and beat everything else but a flopped straight. No other two-pair hands really make sense.

    My best guess is he has a hand like a pair and flush draw on the turn and he's doing a block bet to see the river cheap. When river bricks he's happy to get to showdown.

    I just don't see many hands that beat you that he checks river with. If he's an ultra nit who never bets river without a set or straight in this spot and folds all one-pair hands, you can check. But I think against most players you have the best hand here, are very rarely beat, and shoving will mostly be met with folds, but can get value from sticky players with hands like K Q or K J or random Kx hands enough to show a profit. Given it's the last hand of the night I think you're more likely to get looked up, especially if you've been really active.
  • ManicBlowfish Posts: 22Subscriber
    Results: I bet very small, $40 into $125, trying to eek some value out of a weak K or possibly something like JT or QT.
    He thought for a bit and just called with K 9 for flopped top pair and a flush draw that turned into two pair on the turn. I was annoyed at the moment that I didn't check it back, but I think in retrospect his river check is really weird with that hand. Seems like the check on the river almost always indicates I have the best hand.

    I'm thinking I probably could have just shipped the turn. Obviously he would have called with his particular hand and I would have lost, but I think there are also a lot of hands in his range that I'm beating that he may feel he has to call with. And there are a lot of bad cards on the river that either complete his draws, or kill the action.
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