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Folded flop with open-ender. Standard?

PokerDuder Posts: 58Subscriber
edited May 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/5. I'm UTG and raise to $20 with K Q. A guy in MP calls and it folds around to an older guy in the BB who calls. He was recently moved from the 30/60 limit game. This doesn't mean he's a good player, but he obviously isn't a beginner. He has been playing fairly tight up to this point. His image of me should be fairly neutral.

The flop comes T J 4

I put his range on basically pocket pairs, maybe some higher suited aces, maybe AK. Really not much else based on his activity up to this point.

BB checks to me and I bet 35 into 60. MP folds and BB raises to 90.

So I'm thinking he flopped a set and wants me to call in case I opened from UTG with QQ+. But sets are hard to flop. And is he really thinking at that high a level? Then I start thinking about how he's a limit player and limit player love to raise. But he hasn't gotten out of line at all. Plus he's OOP which makes a move with a draw a little less likely. But the only draws he can really have in my mind are flush draws. I really don't think he's playing 89 and I block with KQ.

So I come to my senses and fold since I don't have the odds to continue. I'm 25/75 vs a set and slightly better versus two pair.

I feel dirty and violated. Standard? Am I missing something? I'd love your thoughts.



  • Dab44 Posts: 408Subscriber
    Limit players love to raise with top pair....So this raise defintely does not have to be a set, could easily be AJ (especially since you don't block A or J)...How deep are you? If your deep (150 bb+) this is an easy call in position...You have enough equity, also you can bluff flushing cards and he will fold his one pair hands and maybe sets on the river if deep enough..its 55 to win 195...This is a call unless effective stacks are super short
  • Drew5harkDrew5hark Posts: 575Subscriber
    edited May 2016
    I think it's a call...you can represent hearts and evaluate what he does on the turn...your straight outs are obviously good and a K or Q might be too...this is too nitty in my opinion. Now if he had like only 100 left then it is probably a fold but anything more and I call...
  • Rocketman74Rocketman74 Posts: 451Subscriber
    stacks very important but at first glance I'd say too nitty
  • PokerDuder Posts: 58Subscriber
    Sorry... stacks are about $700.
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