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Button shove on flop vs AA in 1/3 deepstack

beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
edited May 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hero has a winning image. Has been playing snug. But tight aggressive in pots he's entered. Sits on 1k+
Table has been loose aggressive on and off. with the occasional Mississippi straddle.

One player limps in EP.
Hero raises to $25 with A A from UTG +3. (1k+)
Loose player to Hero's left calls. (~300)
Button calls (~ 300+)
EP player calls (~1200)

Pot 104
Flop: J 9 7
EP checks
Hero bets 55
Loose player calls
V on button shoves.... dealer says it's 251 more to Hero after he pulls in all the money.


Notes on V on Button: He's semi-new to table. Bought in for 300 or so. Has not played a lot of pots. Has not made any "moves" or shown any bluffs. In fact, has not shown down any hands... so he's really unknown to Hero. V is a husky white guy in his mid-30's to 40's. Seems to know his way around the poker table - does not look nervous or uncomfortable.

Loose player on Hero's left looks like he's going to fold.


  • Arenzano Posts: 1,399Subscriber

    Looking at this on the forum, this just seems like an easy fold. I mean you're showing pretty strength with your pre flop raise and cbet into 3 others. We know the V doesn't have the nut draw and the flop hits a lot of ranges. With the V being an unknown I think we give home credit for a hand that beats you or hand that doesn't mind flipping for stacks.

    Also, I think your cbet is too light given how wet the board is. I think if you had bet a little stronger like 2/3 pot your decision would be easier.
  • Rocketman74Rocketman74 Posts: 451Subscriber
    On a J 9 7 board (or any board that has that kind of texture like 357, 864, T86, etc) you should be very careful as almost every suited connector, double gapper or medium sized pair smashed it (and with the added spades.... wow!

    Given the action, the best you're doing is being up against a 6 out draw (and they just increase in equity from there.) You could also easily be up against 2P, a set or a straight. The A in your hand does you no favors as it actually eliminates some of the draws that you'd like to be against.

    I fold
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