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Shove 350bb pre flop vs maniac

relvasman25 Posts: 2Subscriber
edited May 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Today i play a interesting hand against a maniac how as capable of 4 and 5 bet shove 150bb with 97s and stuff like that and show to the table.
So on this hand i am o the Button and the villain is in BB we have more than 350bb on a live 1/2
The coff opens to 7 with a 150 stack I flat call the button with AQs and the maniac 3 bets to 37 in the BB, the coff call, and I 4 bet to 115. The maniac 5 bet to 230 the coff calls (he is all in). And I decide to 6 bet all in 740 with AQs, he thinks a lot and decide to call with KK. I hit my A on the river the other guy mucks his hand.
What do you think about my play, with the dead money on the table, and the time he takes to calls, I only believe he calls with AA/KK and I know his 5 bet range his polarized(99+,AJs+, and some bluffs).


  • sxz18 Posts: 345Member
    edited May 2016
    It sounds like he set you up perfectly and the river card bailed you out.

    I think AQs is a hand that is 4b to fold to a 5b (at best).
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