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  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,086Subscriber
    aaron said:
    Thehammah said:
    aaron said:
    Thehammah said:
    I really dont think that when villain bets the flop that he has alot of aces in his range. The better the player he is the more likely he is going to check back a decent ace on the flop no?

    Not sure why you think Ax wouldn't bet the flop in this spot? There are many reasons for Ax to bet here including: Protection, bluff, value, setting up barrel, etc. This is a top notch cbetting board so you're going to get money in the pot a lot more often vs a cbet than a donk. If you donk then a lot of air will fold and maybe once in a while you'll get floated. If you check then all of the air that floated you plus a major part of the air that would fold are going to put in a bet. Unless you have some crazy dynamic/history with someone and feel a bet is going to get more money in the pot I don't understand this argument.
    The board is paired.. but the pot was also 3 bet.. so after I posted this I started to think if I had 3 bet with AK would I bet the flop?

    The higher the frequency he would be an ace the more likely I would want to lead big on the river to get looked up. We dont know that this guy would bet the river or call a check raise.. Until I knew more I would lead if I thought he had alot of aces..

    Talking about flop play not river. You talked about leading flop to induce a play
    correct.. in single raised pots vs players who are generally better the less liklihood I think they are betting that flop.. Ace high is probably good and they can get future value from worse aces on later streets..

    What I didnt think of at the time of the post is the fact that villain 3 bet this .. If I 3 bet this pre I am going to bet the flop with a much higher frequency with AK or AQ to get hero off of a hand that a) is chopping iwth me b) might actually fold a better hand (ie pair) to my cbet..

    It all had to do with hand reading and whether I felt the flop bet decreased the frequency that villain had an ace.. If villain has fewer aces in his range with the line he took then I think hero should check when the ace comes on the river to induce villain to rep/value own himself. If villain has more aces in his range then hero should lead big on the river to get hero called..

    In a single raised pot I think villain has fewer aces in his range due to his cbet check turn line. In a 3 bet pot I think he has more aces in his range. I would check raise or lead based on his specific demeanor.. If he is the young aggro kid type I am going to check almost always.. If he is older seems more conservative then I think a big lead is better..

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