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Bad check on the turn? Tough river decision?

jebez Posts: 21Subscriber
Villian - Fairly tight straighforward mid thirties reg. Definitely has some leaks limp calling out of position with some marginal suited hands, small pocket pairs and suited aces but will play fairly predictable post flop. He is shorter stacked at this point after losing a big pot recently and definitely seems a tad off balance. He starts the hand with $128

Fishy player limps in MP1, villian limps directly after him. I make it $14 in the cutoff with AQo and both limpers call.

Pot $42 - Flop AT4 rainbow they check I bet $25, fishy guy folds and the villian calls fairly quickly.

**My thinking at this point is that he has a weak ace or is possibly slow playing AT, A4 or 44. I dont think he is calling me here with a ten that often although it is possible. KQ is a gutter but he is the type that would always raise preflop with that hand so I dismissed that.

Pot $92 - Turn 9 that completes the rainbow. He checks and I check it back.

**I was debating with a poker friend of mine and he was convinced that this is a bad check back on the turn. My logic was that I did not think I would get three streets from the portion of his range I am beating and since the board was so dry and there were not really any draws I could check back the turn and bet the river and always get looked up by a weak ace. Or he would lead out on the river and I could call. My thinking was that if he did have a slow played big hand I would lose the minimum while also getting max value from the weak ace hands. Stacks are also somewhat awkward with him having one pot size bet left after the flop action.

Pot $92 - River A for a final board of AT49A - Villian now goes all in for $89.

Pot $181 and its $89 for me to call.

**Having him on a range of weak aces that I beat and AT, A9, A4 and 44 that I lose to I was somewhat stuck as to what to do on this river when he shipped, mainly because I just did not expect him to ship with those weak ace type hands and with only one ace left in the deck there just are not a lot of combos of those Ax type hands out there. And the fact that this can never be a bluff here had me confused. Even though the absolute strength of my hand is obviously pretty strong I thought this was a very polarizing bet from him.

Curious as to your thoughts on my thinking in the hand on both the turn and the river? Bad check on turn? Easy call on the river? Thanks


  • shelvock22 Posts: 5SubscriberProfessional
    You think he is raising KQo pre, but no A10o?

    Turn is fine. Bad turn card for us as 910 and A9 just got there, and he does have 44/A4 here a lot too. Checking seems solid

    River is just a shitty spot that is really villain dependent. Against a random you have to call off. Just to many weak aces, and random bluffs you see at these stakes (people turning pocket pairs and 10s into bluffs) as well as KQ if you put it in there. Although with some history definitely a spot you can make an exploitable fold... You not thinking Kq is in his range, and that he won't be shoving weak aces seems like more than enough to make the fold tho.

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