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1-2nl review ( 4! pot post flop )

200 effective. 1-2 nl
hero neutral image. V1 loose passive rec woman, V2. is loose passive probably a bit tilted.

hero utg black QQ) 8, V1 co 3! 16 , V2. sb flats, hero 4! 38, both call fairly quickly.
112) Ks 7s 4c
Checks thru
112) 9d
Checks thru ( thoughts for waiting till the river to get value? )
112) Kc
sb V2 checks , hero 40. ( Thoughts on river value sizing


  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    Looks good in general. I would 4 bet to more like 50 pre once you get a flat in between. I think you can probably go more in the 50-60 range OTR but 40 is fine TBH
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