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Thread worthy? 2/5nl

Collecting_Tax Posts: 177Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion

Effective stacks- $450

villain- played with him a ton. standard fit or fold. tight. doesnt get it in light. will be aggressive with big draws even if its spewy though. over values hands.

hero- BIG winning image. have completely run over everyone. 5k+ stack in a $500 cap game.

Hero opens in ep with QQsc to $25
Villain calls in mp1
CO calls
Button calls

($100) 3s 5s 2h

Hero bets $70
Villian raises to $170
Folds to hero

What is optimal here? am i just getting it in or is it better to call and shove lead all non spade and Ace turns?


  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member
    Hey Jon,

    Sorry but I am a little confused. You say villain is "standard fit or fold" and "tight" but then say "will be spewy with big draws" and "over values hands".

    Not sure what type of villain this is exactly and it makes a big difference in this hand.

    Can you give any examples to better demonstrate the villain's tendencies or style?

    Thanks man!

  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    villian's min-raise on this flop could be a couple of possibilities:
    1) he has an overpair to the board and wants to protect / get value from hero's perceived A high hands, and also get to showdown cheaper if he's beat
    2) he flopped a flush draw, and wants to buy a cheap turn/river
    3) he flopped a straight and is just trying to keep you on the hook so he can get all in by the river

    what i don't read into his bet sizing is that he flopped a set or 2 pair. with those hands, most players would generally raise bigger to "protect" against the straight or flush card hitting the turn/river.

    - when the villian is spewey and gets it in with draws, does he try to realize fold equity, or does he do wacky stuff like min-raise/call off?
    - regarding his fit or fold play, is his image of you that you are c-bet bluffing a lot and trying to run over the table, or that you have run good in some big pots and shown down the nuts? i.e., does he think his TT is the nuts on this flop?

    in a vacuum, i think i would call and evaluate on the turn. if turn brings flush, easy check/fold. if turn brings blank / non-connecting card, i would think about bet/folding. there is almost no way he won't have you beat if you bet the turn and he ships it in.
  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member

    With stack sizes I don't think we can really take any of the lines you've suggested profitably. If we call the flop then on the turn there will be $255 behind and the pot will be $440.

    If villain is capable of making this play with 44, 66-JJ, combo draws and flush draws (as well as value hands) I think shoving flop is most +EV long term.

    This way we realize our equity against his entire range which is very important (we could easily be folding the best hand if we check/fold spade turns which is a big big mistake).

  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    yeah, you're probably right, i guess i'm not used to playing such short stacks. i think it makes a big difference though, whether we think villian is nitty fit or fold type, or if he will really push draws. with his bet sizing, it seems he is happy to have hero come along for the ride. but maybe i'm giving villian too much credit in a capped game. if we ship, he's probably still calling with TT/JJ once he's raised.

    i guess the min-raise is what is confusing me, what hands besides a straight (with flush blockers??) is he happy to have us come along with? it seems when i do pay off in these spots, i end up seeing AA/KK quite frequently.
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