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Ed Miller The Course

sloan565sloan565 Posts: 55Member
edited May 2016 in Low Content Forum
Finished chapter on beating NL $1 $2 cash . Have yet to take the quiz. Very easy read just have to find a way to memorize hands without attracting attention at the table . Typed out suggested hands on paper but i would rather try and memorize them instead of appearing as some donk looking at his memo sheet. I will say this about the book . If anything it clarified many leaks i brought to the table . Whether i am able to adjust those leaks with the info i gained from Ed book remains to be seen but at lease i have a clear idea of how to attempt to exploit bad players weaknesses. Want to give a shout out to banana stand and a few others for giving me the heads up on Millers book. I was sort of skeptical at first about plucking down $40 because after viewing a sample of 1% a few months ago, i was totally baffled by his pyramid theory and felt i would have a rough ride trying to comprehend the rest of the book. Simplicity is the key for a beginner in cash games and the course scores an A in that category. Lets see if i can put it all together when i head out to AC either tonight or tomorrow


  • irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 408Subscriber
    I am currently rereading his "How to Read Hands at NL" book, which I like. Have you read that & if so do you think "The Course" adds anything to it? Is it worth reading them both?
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