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Waste of money or good bet fold?

I've been working quite diligently at bet/folding more and more and being confident enough in my game to do that. In the following hand, I can't get past the feeling that I should have check/folded and think I might have just thrown money out of the window.

2/5 game. I have a stack of 860. The table is rather deep, but not one specific villain here.

I'm in the bb with 34hh. Limped around to me and I check. 8 (!) players see the flop.

Flop comes 567 with 2 spades. sb limps and I bet 40. 5 callers. In hindsight, a check raise might have been more appropriate here, I typically don't slowplay hands and with 2 spades and a connected board in a multi-way limped pot, I don't want it to get checked around. I normally wouldn't think that could happen here, but I also haven't seen an 8 way limped pot in quite some time. Maybe just bomb the flop for a huge overbet?

Turn brings the awesome 4s. I choose to bet fold, but would a check/fold have been more appropriate? This is just one of those hands where I can't possible be good anymore, and I'm guessing I should just give up?

I bet the turn, another player raises quite large and the button shoves. Both opponents call and 2 have the 8 and AKss takes it down.


  • I like your bet on the flop, there's every chance that in a limped pot that included AKss they are all checking it back. The turn is definitely a check fold, you can't beat anything that's willing to put money in the pot.
  • MarioR Posts: 1Member
    Very Easy Check fold with 5 Players theres at least!!! One who Always has u drawing dead. Hu i would Bet fold , 3+ Way x/f
  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member
    That turn destroys your hand especially with 5 other players.

    You have to ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish every time you put a single dollar in the pot.
  • grindbler Posts: 131Member
    I can't see getting called by worse or getting better to fold either one.
    out of 5 players someone had to hit a hand unless they all called with big overcards that arent spades which is highly highly unlikely.
    I'm done with the hand and not putting another chip in the pot on that turn...

    it's not a bet fold, it's a check fold.
  • phatsuit Posts: 26Member
    What do you guys think of his idea with the cr on the flop? I think it's great with that many people.
  • CatharinaNilsson said

    What do you guys think of his idea with the cr on the flop? I think it's great with that many people.
    Its not a bad play if you think that 8xPair and 7x or slush draws will be call you. It really depends on the dynamic of the table.

  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    I actually don't like your bet on the turn. You can find out if anyone has the bigger straight with no money invested and if no one has a straight it will get checked through. Then you can bet the river if you want..

    I also don't like the check raise on the flop either. With so many players in the pot I think that you could do better just betting out. Someone with two pair will surely raise and you might even get someone make a play with pair and straight draw.. etc.. then you can decide to threebet if you think you can get it in.

    The only other reasons why I would check raise is:

    1) I am virtually certain someone will bet ie preflop raiser..

    2) I am relatively short and can get it in either with the check raise or by betting on turn.

    In general with my image a check raise generally will kill all of my action so I dont do it that often.

  • ILYA Posts: 129Subscriber
    Turn needs no additional comments. You don't have a hand any more - you can open fold.

    I agree with the flop lead. Just bet and get money in the pot. The hand is extremely vulnerable, so I wouldn't overplay it by C/Ring. In fact, I wouldn't pot flop for 40 either. I would bet 25, get all the calls, and then bomb a safe Turn. Because of vulnerability, almost play it like a PLO hand.
    If you don't get raised on the flop, and you catch a high offsuit card on the turn, then you can be Much more comfortable with the hand (as in nuts) and start to pound it. Then you can charge max from the draws and two pairs.
  • Travisp33 Posts: 15Member
    You are being results oriented. C/r flop only works sometimes. Bet always works. Check/fold flop seems weak to me depending on reads and dynamics, I'm fine with bet/fold. Can't win them all, but we can play them all the best we can....
  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member
    If you have my skater boi image you can check craze this flop all day. Not sure if u have my image or what table dynamics r.
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