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2-5 PLO - Turn and River Play with NFD

High__Rolla Posts: 765Subscriber
Villian (covers) - upper 20's. Seems savvy PLO player. Mild aggression. Claimed that he bet/folded middle set to Hero's limped AA top set on Ah9h7c board that went multiway AI on the flop. Saw him get called down on one river bluff which was a good play just unlucky.

Hero ($1700) - tight winning image in about 1 hour at table.

Preflop - Straddled to $10. Hero dealt AhJh54 in BB. Limped 6 ways.

Flop ($60) As Qh 7h. SB checks. Hero bets $50. Only Villain calls on the button.

Turn ($160) As Qh 7h Kc. Hero bets $160. Villain calls

River ($480) As Qh 7h Kc 2s. Hero has almost $1500 left.

1. Anyone like a different line OTT?
2. Lead this river to fold sets and 2Pr+ hands? c/c? Or c/f?


  • FreeLunch Posts: 1,308Pro
    I probably don't bet flop as as I don't want to get raised and play a big pot from the blinds. I check call a ton of my range multiple streets out of position in plo. Turn I check call for exactly what happened, I don't want to be out of position and have to fire to get the many hands that have us beat to fold. As played I would probably check fold river.
  • AJoff Posts: 546Subscriber
    edited May 2016
    I like leading flop. Turn is a little trickier, it depends on how wide you think his calling range is on the flop. If it is limited to straight + flush draws and bottom and middle sets (he should probably be raising middle set), I like a check/evaluate with the hope that sets check behind.

    In the villain's shoes I would probably look up a river bet as wide as 2 pair. I think a lot of the value hands in a thinking player's bet/bet/bet range on this board raise pre. Not sure how realistic it is to assign that thought process. The player pool at my casino is probably unbalanced towards folding rivers.
  • Dusty Posts: 233Subscriber
    if you want to continue betting I would definitely bluff a value amount, a little more than 1/2 pot. Difficult to put a savvy villain on a hand. He can play AQ + FD, this way, he can play a made straight with no redraw this way, he can play mid - btm set this way, but what can he play this way that missed? Some kind of KQTX with 2 hearts, he would prob raise that pre flop? seems like hes calling a bet and I would expect to see him raise your river bet often with a straight. Again, you say savvy PLO player, if you pot the turn and he has the str8 no redraw, or even a redraw, with position I really like a flat call here and expect that player to as well because your line is so strong, donking into the field on the flop, potting the str8 card on the turn, that you have nuts with redraw often. A good player should be keeping the pot small with a str8 no redraw on the turn, and aside from hearts that we block, that was the only draw on the turn.
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