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3-bet pot IP vs. Crusher - How's my line?

TastesLikeBurning Posts: 429SubscriberProfessional
edited June 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
$2/5 $850 eff

Villain is a top winning pro, 30's white woman. Was a 'Stars SNE before BF. She's been getting coolered and seems to be a bit tilted. She and I have been buying drinks for one another, we are on drink 3-4. One of the top overall players in the room, big winner.

Hero has a slightly winning image, fairly aggressive, has 3-bet pre 3-4 times in the couple of hours he's been at the table, none of which went to showdown.

Hero opens $20 from UTG+2 with K K
Villain 3-bets to $65 from the SB
Hero elects to flat.

I am not sure if this is correct. On the one hand I wanted to keep our ranges wide. Id flat here with a good portion of my range (suited Broadway's, sc's, pairs). I felt by 4-betting my hand is face up (not sure if she thinks I'm capable of 4-betting AK-) and she'd fold out most of her 3-betting range. OTOH she's 3-betting from the SB so her range has to be reasonably strong. Moreover she's tilting so she may go HAM with a portion of her (admittedly slim), bluffing range as well as the bottom of her value range (AK, TT-QQ).

Flop ($130) T 6x 2x

Villain bets 65
hero calls.

I don't see a reason to raise here as shes going to fire AK here as well as JJ/QQ/AA. If I raise she folds AK but I'm not sure she continues with all her JJ/QQ as TT is in my range. Thoughts?

Turn ($260) T 6x 2x A

Villain bets $130
Hero calls. obv a bad card for our hand. We are getting almost 3-1 on a call and she could be turning JJ/QQ into a bluff here so I think it's a pretty easy call.

River ($390) T 6x 2x A 7x

Villain checks.

Can we value bet here? What hands can we get called by? Im pretty sure she knows I'd call her flop bet with AK. Once she checks the river she could have an ace and she's waiting for me to thinly value bet the river. I think She's also capable of bluff raising the river against me.

Thoughts on action and thought process is appreciated


  • sxz18 Posts: 345Member
    I'm curious if villain is Dmoon.

    Against top competition, I generally prefer the more aggressive line. I would elect to 4b pre and call 5b shove or fire away flop if called. If you're afraid of missing value by 4b then I think that may be a potential leak you can exploit in villain for future 3b pots. She could be 3b/folding too much so you can start 4b a lot to develop the dynamic to a point where they are not 3b/folding.

    AP, two hands we can value bet against would be JJ/QQ. Maybe 99 if she's super sick. However, if she has any of these hands, it gives more reason as to why we should 4b pre. I think there aren't enough hands to value bet against and her range is more weighted toward AJ type hands with her line. It's close, but checking back is probably better for future image. She will know that you are capable of flatting KK pre.
  • TastesLikeBurning Posts: 429SubscriberProfessional
    sxz18 said:
    I'm curious if villain is Dmoon.
    Haha nope, not Dmoon. I'm guessing Dmoon wouldn't be caught dead in my piddly $2/5 game...
  • Arenzano Posts: 1,391Subscriber
    I think I'd rather 4b pre. Not worried about turning my hand face up, I tend to think this is over rated.

    As played, calling the flop is fine. Calling turn is fine too. Checking the river most of the time or betting really small to get value from QQ or JJ.
  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    4 bet pre, should be developing 4 bet bluffs vs this player and need to 4 bet KK.

    Flop is fine,

    Turn is too, although if V is good she isn't turning JJ or QQ into a bluff

    AP just check back river, value is really really thin and V can have some Ax
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