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Playing against mid-pocket pairs

charby58 Posts: 11Subscriber
edited June 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion

There is a particular player that plays regularly at my local casino a middle aged Mid-Eastern man that makes the same play with mid-pocket pairs pre-flop. With any other type of hands he plays, he will normally limp in or call a raise pre-flop and then play his hand trippy trappy hoping to play a big pot. The only exeption is when he has a mid-pocket pair (99-JJ) more often than not JJ where he will raise big or 3-bet big pre-flop to either go HU or win the pot pre-flop and he prides himself by showing his hand when everyone folds.

The next time I have an opportunity to go HU in position with this guy in this scenario I'm thinking there is 3 possible scenarios that I want to exploit:

#1: I have AK or AQ;
#2: I have QQ or better (ideal); and
#3: I have nothing.

Scenario #1: Do you 4-bet and call a shove or do you flat? If you flat and the board is rag then what.

Scenario #2: This is the best scenario if there is a rag flop. Any A, K or Q may kill the action or he may try to represent the high card and you can look him up.

Scenario #3: You call with rag cards and hope for a A, K or Q on the flop or turn. The likeyhood should be greater since you don't have any of those cards in your hand.



  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    #1 Take the max fold equity line pre, don't see a ton of value going post.

    #2 Get as much money in pre as possible, if not then just take it post

    #3 unless you think he will fold don't see a reason to attack here. I mean you can call with a hand like 89s hoping to hit or catch a high card flop but thats about it.
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