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Double float with AKs too ambitious?

bingyian Posts: 90Subscriber
edited June 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
1k effective at the Rio wsop room playing 2 5. Hero is a 21 year old with a very aggressive winning image. Villian just saw hero make a razor thin value bet against a whale. Villian is late 20s. Appears to be a reg/pro. Hero won 4 pots in a row with only one showdown. Hero opens utg to 20 with AsKs. Villian 3 bets to 85 in cutoff. Hero calls. 170 in pot. Flop J85r. With the jack of spades. Hero checks. Villian bets 85. Hero calls. Turn is 3 off suit. Hero checks villian bets 200. Hero calls. River is an ace. Hero checks villian jams for 615. Hero calls villian snap mucks.

Is the double float too ambitious? Plan was to check fold river because I didn't think villian could triple barrel as a bluff. Villian most likely would've checked back all rivers except the ace because it is the perfect bluff card.

Am I taking 5th Street chicken too far??


  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    A little too far IMO. Flop is fine but turn is too much. Most people just don't bluff here enough. We also have better hands to continue with. I'm mean it isn't terrible. We block AA and KK along and it seems unlikely V would be value betting super wide or bluffing with a better hand. Some problems are that we could just be calling to a chop a decent amount, if V 3 bet something like 65s he could just be turning that into a bluff which isn't totally unreasonable. Also are some reverse implied odds on hitting A or K. Personally I feel it is slightly loose just due to people not bluffing the spot enough and things mentioned above. Like it is fine with a strong read but I would say definitely bad vs population.

    More ok with it than when I first read post. Having all 16 combos is too much but just the 3 that flopped BDFD seems reasonable. Nice to be able to have some hands to call with on A or K rivers. Against someone who you think will barrel twice a good amount of the time i'm fine with it.
  • bingyian Posts: 90Subscriber
    One thing I didn't think about was villian turning 56s into a bluff. I think folding to one flop bet is way too weak. However the turn call may be spewy
  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    its close
  • pokertime Posts: 2,180Subscriber
    bingyian said:
    One thing I didn't think about was villian turning 56s into a bluff. I think folding to one flop bet is way too weak. However the turn call may be spewy
    Do you actaully have much history or reads on this guy? Has he 3 bet you or anyone else already, like too much? It just so happens you played it perfect at the time but you wouldn't want to play this line every time. If you really think he's a pro then you have to know he's double and triple barreling so I guess if you are intentionally calling down for him to barrel off that's ones thing but there is no way you could know you would pair up and you probably don't call the shove with A high. The other thing is he will probably never do this against you again so you had your "one time". I think I may just 4 bet big to like $300 PF making it clear I'm not folding. With him to your left he's going to 3 bet you a lot most likely so this is a hand you can actaully push back with. He's probably never coming back over as a bluff as you just don't see people 4 bet live with out a big hand almost always AA/KK. Who knows he could 5 bet AQ thinking he has blockers but I doubt it.
  • bingyian Posts: 90Subscriber
    i think four bet folding AK probably isn't great 200bb deep. I think hes capable of double barreling but I dont think he wouldve tripled barreled unless he caught the perfect bluff card.
  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    When I raise UTG and get 3 bet my 4 bet range is pretty much KK+ and some A5s type hands.
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