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2/5 doing a double check raise

2/5 in Foxwoods. Vilain very solid player, TAG.
I have 500$ stack. Vilain covers.
I get delt AQ spades in BB.
Vilain bets 20$ from UTG+1. Folded to Hero who just calls. (No point raising against a good player out of position).
Flop KT9, 2 spades.
Hero checks, vilain bets 25$, hero raises to 75$. Thoughts? Vilain thinks about it and calls.
Turn : J
Hero checks, vilain bets 80 $, hero raise to 300$, vilain tanks and folds. Thoughts?

I like my line on the flop : purpose is to semi bluff and take the pot right there.
I hate my line on the turn. Was afraid of hero folding but didn't want to give a free card to a boat either...check raise was too strong of a play though (at the same time it achieved what I wanted - I take 80 $ from Vilain). Is it a big mistake?
Should I have check call then bet river? or should I lead around 125$?


  • irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 383Subscriber
    I can't decide if I prefer CC or CR on the flop. If he's TAG he should be pretty narrow from EP but there are blockers to a lot of his EP open range.
    I don't like CR on the turn. It's not very often that the preflop raiser is going to bet OTT after getting CR OTF. You now have the nuts and just took a line that looks super strong. I think we have a better chance of getting more value OTT & maybe even OTR by leading out OTT.
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