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2/5 Flop top pair -- too thin Turn value????

TaintBDTaintBD Posts: 244Subscriber
edited June 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Make it $35 over two limps
BB is an older guy but makes moves -- he calls
Checks to me
Bet $65
BB calls
MP1 folds
Q ♣
BB checks
He's effective at $500
I bet $175
He calls
He shoves $300
[I folded. He showed 88 - flopped a set. Surprised me he just called Turn. Figured set would Donk or CR]


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    Your turn sizing seems a bit large again. $175 into roughly $210. Since you're targeting worse aces, I think you need to size smaller.

    On the river, you've bet strong every step of the way, and villain now shoves the river. Polarizing for sure - all you have is a bluffcatcher, and I feel pretty strongly that people don't bluff enough on the river. Getting roughly 3:1 I'm tempted, but this is probably a fold.
  • Dab44 Posts: 411Subscriber
    Your not planning to get 3 streets with this hand....I think checking flop is good especially in position & going for 1 possibly 2 nice streets of value later in the hand
  • TaintBDTaintBD Posts: 244Subscriber
    Turn raise is too big again -- definite leak I need to plug
    I also like the idea of a delayed cbet on this super dry board
  • pokertime Posts: 2,180Subscriber
    Too much gets there on the river to be a bluff. I might check turn as I only beat AT at that point and hope he's willing to call a safe river but at the same time 2 draws come in so I probably bet for value/equity protection against a hand that is catching up some how. When some one calls down and shoves on a river that brings in 2 draws its hard to be good with TPGK. They were either trapping the whole time or caught up.
  • MasonIsAClown Posts: 102SubscriberProfessional
    edited June 2016
    Turn sizing is definitely too large. Try to make sure you are asking what you are trying to accomplish with your bets. I think getting three streets against this opponent on many run outs is possible but we have to size turn smaller and size river on the smaller side if that's what we are trying to do. As played I'd definitely find a fold. He really like never will have any bluffs here.
  • BananaStandBananaStand Posts: 1,455Troll
    I'm gonna start keeping track of how many threads ask what do you do when a villain's line is check/call, check/call, lead. For brevity's sake, I'll refer to it from as 4CL. And it's almost always a strong hand.

    When a live low-stakes player takes the 4CL line, you fold. Don't bluff catch. Don't think about ranges, combos, and %'s. Just fold. I'd fold A3 here, no sweat.
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