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***2/5 Interesting spot on river (3 way AI)

ClockClock Posts: 1,098Subscriber
edited June 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/5 Sat night game.
V1 is the new guy who sits down at our table who's waiting for PLO game.
Right away I notice that he's on more active side raising less than premium hands pre (a lot of all kinds of suited hands Axs, T8s, etc. etc.)

V2 appeared to be somewhat decent. Saw him v-bet pretty thinly on river get called by donk and be good.

V1 (305) opens to 20 from EP, folded to V2 (~600) on BU who calls, I (1K+) look at ATo in SB and decide sqeeze to 75 both call.
Flop (225): T35r - I bet 100 both c
Turn (525): Kx
Based on my reads on the V1 I figured if I check he's shoving any T or even any PP like 66-99, so I checked to induce, plus this gives me a chance to see what V2 will do (although I was mostly expecting him to fold)

So, HERO checks, V1 insta shoves for 130 and now V2 thinks for a bit but calls.
First question - what do you do here?

My initial instinct was to just x/shove here, since I figured V2 is not gonna pay me off on the river anyway and he most likely has some kind of a T.
I considered it for a while and then started thinking why did he "just flat" with me still behind...
He could theoretically have KTs, but also possibly play a flopped set this way, trying to real me in...
I figured with the V1 already AI, I can risk less by just calling and river most likely goes check/check...so I just over called.

River (915): Jx - I check and BU insta shoves for like 275 or so...


  • BananaStandBananaStand Posts: 1,455Troll
    Much of the fat value in live poker comes from folks over valuing top pair.

    Which side of that do you wanna be on?
  • Letmewin1 Posts: 1,238Member
    I would have probably folded turn and I think I'm definitely folding river.
  • OmegaPT1 Posts: 41Subscriber
    I agree with BananaStand
  • BananaStandBananaStand Posts: 1,455Troll
    OmegaPT1 said:
    I agree with BananaStand
    Careful, that might get you in trouble around here
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,098Subscriber
    Any more serious replies?
  • BananaStandBananaStand Posts: 1,455Troll
    edited June 2016
    Clock said:
    Any more serious replies?
    What's wrong with the replies you got? I doubt very much someone is going to come along and validate your line of going broke with 3rd pair against two villains.

  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    Preflop and flop are fine.

    I'm not buying that if you check then V1 is just going to ship, well, anything. How does he get to this point with 66, and then shove into two others on a board with two overcards in a 3-bet pot? That seems unlikely. You can certainly check planning to call a shove from him if V2 folds. But V2 called. What do you put him on? QT? Turn is an easy fold.

    Now that you're at the river, do you really thing V2 is shoving worse? You literally only beat QT, and that is never shoving in that spot. There's a dry side pot. Why would he ever bluff. That's an even easier fold than the turn.

    Your whole hand analysis is based off a villain willing to put in 70 BBs multiway with second pair or less, and completely ignoring the other villain in the hand. This reeks of FPS, and focusing on the bottom of one villain's range, disregarding the fact that we're multiway in a 3-bet pot.
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,098Subscriber
    I folded
    V1 said "A high"
    V2 turned over 99
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    *shrug* Bottom of their ranges. Try not to be results oriented.
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,098Subscriber
    I had pretty good read on V1
    Like I said, I knew he was shoving..., but V2... WTF?
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