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$2/$5: Top 2 Vs Good Grinder

$1000 eff. I open A 8 in CO to $15, blinds call.

Flop: A 8 3 Pot $45 Checks to me, I bet $40, SB folds, good solid grinder makes it $145 in BB.

Let's suppose I have a read that's on a flush draw. Should we just flat and try to GII OTT or we should 3b flop now?


  • MarcusMarcus Posts: 104Subscriber
    I would prefer just flatting in position. If we 3 bet he might fold out some hands that we beat. He could have Ax of spades here too. If we call the pot will be around 300 and if he comes out and bets on any non spade we could just jam.
  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
  • BananaStandBananaStand Posts: 1,455Troll
    JapanTown said:
    Let's suppose I have a read that's on a flush draw.
    I don't understand this at all. If you have a read that he's on a draw, then why don't you also know what he does when his semi-bluffs are called? How is it that you can range him so accurately, but can't provide any estimation for his follow up action on the turn?

    Absent that information, I'm raising this flop. if we're being guided by this rock solid read that he's on a draw, then why in the world are we giving a free card? this spade draw isn't gonna pay you on the river. So you have this spot, and the turn to get the rest of the money in. Don't dawdle.

    AsXs, 4s2s, 2s5s, and 4s5s all have tons of equity they won't fold. If you bump it to $350 ish, you'll be offering close to 3 to 1 so you can still get called by T9ss etc. Stacking off on the turn should be easy after this.

  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    I agree with others - flop should just be a call, and raise the turn on a brick, especially since the ace is not the spade.
  • maphacks Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    edited June 2016
    I would call here against a good player who is capable of bluffing. it protects our calling range and I would assume he bets most turns if he is on a draw. however I think there a some other hands in his range such as gutshots or backdoor flushdraws. I would call a spade turn and fold the river and shove on a turn blank.

    and although I hate to say it but against the better players I want to keep my betsizings consistent. Can't imagine you cbet 40 into 45 with T 9 here...
  • BananaStandBananaStand Posts: 1,455Troll
    Who thinks he is gonna a bet again on the turn? How many grinders do you know go around check raising flops and bombing turns trying to get live players to fold a pair of aces? Does that work, ever?
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