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The Grind Poker Podcast No.11: WSOP Main Event Prep And Why You Should Play

Craig Posts: 756Administrator
Host Rob Farha takes you through his preparation for the Main Event and some of the common weak spots of cash game players in tournaments.

Episode post at 11AM PT.



  • BartBart Posts: 6,077AdministratorLeadPro
    To echo Rob's comments in this show..I drew one of the absolute worst tables ever day 1 in 2010. Like really really bad. Strassa to my left, Clockwize and 3 other big 25-50NL winners online. I ended up getting out of that day with the most chips which lead me to a $27k cash.

    ME is a lot of luck in table draw. Evaluate your position, players and your breaking order..Sometimes its best to tighten up and other times its best to try and chip up against weak competition.


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