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CLP Meetup on Thursday July 7th

BartBart Posts: 5,917AdministratorLeadPro
So we are going to have a CLP meetup on Thursday, July 7th at 6PM at TGIFs and the Gold Coast Casino (next to the Rio). We have held the pre Main Event meetup every year there since 2014 and even though the food is somewhat meh the company, community and beer are all stellar!!

Any subscriber is invited with a +1. But please RSVP to the event invitation that you will get in the coming days from the forums (similar to my 10k razz FT notification) or email support@crushlivepoker.com to indicate if you are coming and if you are a plus 1. We will take care of anything.

Dali, Rob Farha, myself and hopefully Tuchman will all be there. I highly recommend the meetup to those subs that are going to be playing the ME as we will be talking some strategy about such a deep stack, long tourney.



  • jackmiller Posts: 15Subscriber
  • AbbeyLover Posts: 17Subscriber
    How did the meetup go? I hope to be there next year. I'm going to Vegas in a couple weeks though, just how things worked out.
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